News Roundup: Nashville Worlds, Ho-Oh Return, New EX Raid Wave


Trainers, just when we think everything is figured out for this Johto Festival, Niantic throws some curves into the mix!

Ho-Oh Returns!

Ho-Oh, shiny form and all, will be available for 3 days only, until August 27th (presumably at the usual 1 PM PDT). Niantic seems to not be smacking the Lugia button this time and is giving another chance at the other shiny bird from Johto. For those on the hunt that need a reminder, here is its regular form versus its shiny form, along with the official announcement tweet:

Regular Ho-Oh Shiny Ho-Oh

Nashville Worlds Event

The 2018 Pokémon World Championship is being held in Nashville, Tennessee between the 24th and 26th of August, and during this time, similar to the 2017 World Championship that was in Anaheim, California, Niantic is putting an event on for those in the area of the Championships. Reports indicated the usual Unown letterings, this time spelling out Nashville, as well as quests from PokéStops on location giving rewards for the regional Corsola. While some lament that Corsola can be obtained in the continental U.S. unlike the likes of Kangaskhan last year, it is important to consider it is a sizeable drive from Tennessee to anywhere south enough to reach Corsola, around 4 hours or so.

Source: u/zeizan42

Source: u/neonon19s

EX Raid Wave: September 2nd/3rd

The usual weekly passes are out for September 2nd or 3rd, depending on where in the world you are. We hope those that want and need one got theirs this week, and wish those that did not, get it next time! As per usual, here is some lovely graphics to show good counters, the wave dates, and how one can try and obtain a pass:

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