News roundup: Niantic acknowledges blank nearby bug, 47th nest migration landed


In today’s news roundup, there are only two major Pokémon GO news that deserve coverage, hinting that we’re in a “calm before the storm”, as the second Community day is just around the corner. Unfortunately, we don’t have any leaks to share in regards to a potential shiny Dratini being released, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

Niantic acknowledges blank nearby bug

We’ve all been there: you’re walking down the park, minding your own Pokémon GO business, when all of a sudden your nearby screen goes blank — oh the shock, the horror! We’ve been living with this menace for well over a year and now Niantic has made the next step: they made the bug official.

Poetically named “Nearby Pokémon intermittently goes blank”, the bug is known in “Investigating” status on the Known Issues support page, featuring a barefoot Valor player with a blank radar and Pikachu buddy:

Badger608, we hope your hard work will help the dev team find the root cause of this intermittent issue and banish it from their bug tracker backlog for all eternity. Down with the empty nearby!

The 47th Nest Migration has landed

After all the ruckus that happened over the past few weeks, it was questionable if a new Nest migration will occur on time, following a lifelong “every second Wednesday” schedule. Well, fear no more, as new species are now appearing in your local park areas.

As always, report your local nests on The Silph Road’s Nest Atlas.

Shiny Dratini sprites are not yet in the game

Wait, what? A wild “not-news item” appears! Well, as the title says, shiny Dratini sprites are not yet in the game. Basically, if a shiny Dratini is to be released for this community day, we should see the sprite in the game’s network traffic either tomorrow or on Saturday morning.

Here’s the preview of shiny Dratini family from older handheld games:

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