News roundup: shiny Sandshrew, double Stardust, 0.131.3 update

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Trainers, this week’s news roundup brings you every small change that we didn’t post about this week in Pokemon GO! It’s a slow pre-Christmas event week, but there are a few things that are worth pointing out.

Double Stardust activated from Dec 22 to Dec 26

The second phase of Pokemon GO’s Holidays 2018 event is now live, featuring double Stardust for catching Pokemon! If you need a reminder, here’s how the event bonuses look like each day:

Bonus Start End
2x Candy for catching and transferring Pokemon Dec 18 Dec 22
2x Stardust for catching Pokemon Dec 22 Dec 26
2x Experience for catching Pokemon Dec 26 Dec 30
2x Faster Incubator hatching speed Dec 30 Jan 2

We sure hope you transferred all unwanted Pokemon before December 22.

Niantic clarifies when Deoxys Attack Form EX raids are taking place

After all the confusion that happened with recent EX Raids, it’s nice to see Niantic reaching out and clarifying when exactly Attack Form Deoxys will be available.

Basically, you’ll spend the rest of the upcoming week shiny hunting Delibird. You can read more about Attack Form Deoxys here: Deoxys Attack Form Counters Guide (EX Raid Boss).

Pokemon GO 0.131.3 update

We did not do our regular data mine of the recent 0.131.3 update, but here’s what was fixed in this bug-fixing release:

  • Alolan Typing has been fixed. You should no longer see “Not very Effective” when fighting Alolan Pokemon with Super Effective moves. The bug has been fixed both client side and server side.
  • PvP battle start sync issues have been fixed. You should no longer experience scenarios where you are unable to attack in Trainer Battles.
  • Various misc code changes

Pokestop nominations available again… kinda

It seems that Pokestop nominations are again available in a handful of areas in Chile, with very sketchy availability across the country. It’s still not clear if Niantic is limiting the submission process because the OPR system is not processing them correctly / efficiently, or because there are bugs with the submission system. In addition to this, the submission now uses Google Maps’ Satellite view while setting Pokestop location.

Shiny Sandshrew finally available worldwide

Shiny Sandshrew, which was initially only available in the “Tottori Prefecture Event” is now finally available worldwide! Spotted and caught by a rising number of Trainers, the spearmint-colored Sandshrew is your new shiny obsession.

Here’s a comparison of normal and shiny Sandshrew and Sandslash:

Normal Shiny