News roundup: Tangela raids gone, free data for German PoGO players, Johto Festival ends August 28

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Trainers, it’s been a slow week following the release of Celebi’s quest line (which is excellent by the way), but a few news items managed to find their way in the magical world of Pokemon GO.

This news roundup will also be a bit different than the ones we usually do, with more focus on brevity, rather than going too deep into every item. As a compensation, we’ve attached a few interesting Youtube videos on the bottom of the post.

What’s new in Pokemon GO

— Niantic officially confirms that the Johto Festival ends on August 28th, 1:00 PM PDT. This gives players ample time to collect a their favorite Generation 2 candy and prepare for the upcoming Generation IV release in Pokemon GO.

— Yokosuka Safari Zone is also on the horizon, lasting from Wednesday, August 29th to Sunday, September 2nd (JST), specifically in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Yokosuka City, with three parks participating: Mikasa, Verny, and Kurihama.

— German T-Mobile (Deutche Telekom) players under the age of 27 now have the option to activate the GameOn prepaid service that allows them to play mobile title such as Pokemon GO and Fortnite without spending mobile data. Players over the age of 27 have an option to pay 2.95 Euro for the same limitless data usage while gaming. Source:

— According to multiple reddit reports, Tangela has been removed from the raid boss line up during the Johto Festival event. We’re not sure why or when this happened, and we hope that our favorite vine monster finds a way back into the raiding scene. For our Tangela Raid Guide click here.

Fun zone

Reversal, a Pokemon GO Youtuber well known for it’s XP grinding sessions and power leveling techniques has published an “Ultimate guide to Fast XP”. If you’re struggling to reach Level 40, this video is very useful, especially with the new Friendship system and it’s potentially huge XP gains.

For anyone going to the Yokosuka Safari Zone event, Zoe Two Dots has an amazing guide that lists the top travel tips and features some solid traveling advice:

Featured Pokemon

With Yokosuka Safari Zone starting really soon, we want to remind everyone which Pokemon will be featured during the event:

  • In Japan, Torchic and Feebas will be found more often.
  • Throughout the world, Wingull will be found more frequently, with a shiny form confirmed!
  • As well as the usual Unown, the regional Tropius will make a appearance in the Kanagawa Prefecture!

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