Pokémon GO Fest
Pokémon GO Fest


here’s a quick roundup of latest news that happened in the past few hours, following the release of the 0.69.0 game update (on a subset of regional Android stores, more to come soon).

It’s been a very exciting day, so for the Trainers who were at work, here’s the rundown of big news that happened today.


1. Version 0.69.0 is out in the wild and we data mined the hell out of it.

Literally, 0.69.0 was tested and data mined with the full suite of GO Hub’s automated data mining tools. We’ve learned a lot (LEGENDARY HYPE!) and found a lot of new image assets, all of which is available here:

2. GO Fest will be live streamed on Twitch!

In a surprising turn of events, the entire GO Fest will be live streamed on Twitch, covering all the major revelations and activities that are expected to happen. We’ll be live blogging about it on the Hub!

If you’re not attending a local meetup, join the stream!

3. We’ve got a first look at the GO Fest venue construction site

A redditor named wajiw posted this picture today, showing the state of Grant Park (Chicago). A number of trainers expressed their concern that the construction won’t be completed in time (GO Fest is in three days), but it’s important to understand that construction of similar venues takes 1-5 days, depending on the size. In turn, there is no room for concern – the venue will be ready in time!

4. PokeBalls got a better looking model!

We’re not sure if their texture was changed, or the reflection material, but PokeBalls look a lot better in 0.69.0 (image credits: Reddit).

5. Appraisals are (kinda) bugged for some Trainers

Some Trainers are reporting that another Team’s Leader is appearing while they try to Appraise their Pokemon. No, this does not hint that we’ll be able to change Teams soon, this is just a bug: