Niantic teases April Community Day Classic – can you guess the Pokémon?

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Niantic has shared a curious teaser trailer on social media, teasing the upcoming announcement for April’s Community Day Classic event. Although the featured Pokémon has not been announced, there is enough sounds and imagery to make an educated guess to what is coming.

But alas, let’s see the teaser together first (make sure to listen with sound on):

Here are a few things we spotted. A rocky and rugged terrain suggest a Pokémon whose natural habitat is related to this biome, so we believe it’s not a Rock-type per se, but rather someone who lives there.

Rock splitting animation is interesting, but we think it’s nod towards the Pokémon’s body type, rather than to a particular move. We think this is a bipedal/quad-pedal Pokémon, definitely a Pokémon that has some weight to it. Or something strong on its head.

We are also inclined to believe that this is Bagon, as Bagon’s Pokédex says the following about it:

Bagon harbors a never-ending dream of one day soaring high among the clouds. As if trying to dispel its frustration over its inability to fly, this Pokémon slams its hard head against huge rocks and shatters them into pebbles.

What about the cry you can hear in the video? Well, we are 90% certain it is Bagon’s cry! Although the Pokémon sound in this video is different from what we normally expect for Bagon, it is eerily similar. Take a listen for yourself:

Community Day Classics are a repeat of one of the previous Community Day events, and Niantic has been running them for a while now. With that being said, if April’s CD Classic turns out to be Bagon, we’re in for a treat!


Arlo is currently running Shadow Bagon as his first Pokémon, and we can expect an influx of Shadow Salamence with Outrage. If we ignore Mega Pokémon and Origin Forme Palkia, Shadow Salamence is the best Dragon-type in the game, especially with Outrage. If we don’t ignore them, then it’s the 5th best Dragon-type, parsing well over Shadow Dragonite. The age old rivalry returns!

So… what do you think? Is it Bagon? Is it something else? Let us know on social media and on our Forums!

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