Nidos Pokemon GO Argentina organizes another Community Day food charity
Nidos Pokemon GO Argentina organizes another Community Day food charity

After doing a charity miracle in February, the famous Argentinian Pokemon GO group is at it again: during the March Community Day event, Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina is collecting food for people who need it the most.

As Pokemon GO Hub is a media supporter of the event, we reached out to Diego, a member of the group, in order to hear more details about their plans and to bring the story to our worldwide audience.

Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina February Community day food charity

Attention Trainers!


After the successful solidarity event that we made with Niantic’s support in last month’s #CommunityDay, this time we have decided to do it again in the north region of our country and with Pokémon Go Hub’s support no less!

We will meet on Sunday, March 25, at 2pm, on “Plaza Alameda” of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca to enjoy:

  • More Bulbasaur spawns
  • Venusaur will be able to learn the exclusive move Frenzy Plant
  • Triple XP for each capture
  • Lures with a duration of 3 hours

We believe that this is a great opportunity to make a difference in the community, and that is why, together with the “Pokémon Go Catamarca” group, we will be receiving nonperishable food for the foundation “Fundación Sí Catamarca”.

Besides, for every person who brings food, we will be giving out a number that will be useful for a chance to win several Pokémon t-shirts and Pokémon cups at the end of the event!

We want to spend a wonderful afternoon with you, bringing out the best of us as a community.

See you there!

Diego, Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina

February Community Day in Argentina

The following video summarizes how the February Community Day event looked like in Argentina: