Normal and Shiny sprites for released Gen 3 Pokemon (Groudon included) discovered on Niantic’s servers

Generation 3 Shiny discovered
Generation 3 Shiny discovered


we know it’s been a wild ride today, but be prepared for another heart stopping news item.

ZeChrales, a regular data miner and reverse engineer from PoGODev discord, has managed to download Generation III Normal and Shiny sprites from Niantic’s servers. The sprites are only available for the released Gen III Pokemon, not all of them.

For a full list check his Github commit aptly named “gen3 sprites”. In the meantime, here’s a few memorable ones to spark your imagination:

You can also use this IMGUR album to view and download all of the new sprites (+ old shiny sprites):

pokémongo gen3 sprites

In other words, there is nothing stopping Niantic from flipping a switch on their end and releasing Gen III Shiny variants. Be aware that this will not likely happen anytime soon. As you can see, out of all Gen III Legendaries, only Groudon’s assets are available on Niantic’s backend.

It is believed that Groudon will be available as a Raid Boss sooner than the rest of Generation III Legendaries. Maybe for the next Adventure Week? Who knows. We are currently investigating the effects of the new weather system that went live as a surprise addition to this update and is already creating a lot of confusion on our social media and Forums.

If you want to help the research, share your observations in the comment section below.

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