Official Pokemon and Pokemon GO Twitter Accounts Talk Team Rocket

Team Rocket Balloon
Team Rocket Balloon

A curios tongue and cheek exchange took place on Twitter roughly 12 hours ago, with multiple official Twitter accounts discussing the mystery of the Team Rocket balloon that was spotted in Dortmund. Participants include Pokemon International and Pokemon GO, Twitter accounts.

The story is simple for now: PokemonDEU saw the R letter balloon at GO Fest Dortmund and was confused on what it means. Pokemon Official has discovered that the letter R is a symbol of Team Rocket. Pokemon GO is confused about the presence of Team Rocket in our world. Pokemon Official responds that Team Rocket sometimes takes different names depending on their region, but confirms that they do not know why are they appearing in Pokemon GO’s world. Pokemon GO responds that Prof. Willow will be notified right away.

The full exchange:

We’re excited to see where this story takes the game. With a new faction appearing in the game, new mechanics and a complete new set of Pokemon, Team Rocket is a welcome addition to Pokemon GO.

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