Pokemon GO 0.105.1 APK tear down: Smack Down sound effect added

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Trainers, we did a quick tear down of the new game update, dubbed version number 0.105.1 on Android. The new update doesn’t really bring any huge changes code wise or asset wise, but it does feature a new sound effect for an upcoming move: Smack Down!

Asset changes

Smack Down now has a sound effect, titled 479-0_smack_down.wav, and available for you to download and listen on the following link. It’s a WAV file, so we’re not super sure which browsers have native support for it, but try downloading and listening to it. It’s around two seconds long and it’s a kinda cool sounding sound effect.

We’ve already talked in depth about Smack Down and how it will affect Tyranitar if the Japanese leaks prove to be correct (check our Smack Down Tyranitar: A Comprehensive Meta Analysis article), so we’re not gonna cover that here.

Smack Down Tyranitar: A Comprehensive Meta Analysis

Code changes

Like we said in the intro paragraph, there’s not much to  talk about in terms of code changes, as the 0.105.1 is a minor upgrade that only contains bug fixes. We did notice that the game’s meta data has reduced for a first time in a while, coming down from 1.46 MB (0.105.0) to 1.39 MB (0.105.1). Kudos to Niantic for reducing the code base and retaining the same set of functionalities!

Aside from that, there’s nothing worth mentioning.

Game Master changes

Nothing. Buddy Distances are back to normal, but that was expected given that the Adventure Week event has ended.

Parting words

Well, the addition of Smack Down’s sound effect was expected, and so was the missing code changes. What was not expected was the fact that this update doesn’t contain any hints or leaks of the upcoming PokeStop submission feature. We hope to hear more about that soon and we were kinda hoping that this update will shed some light on it. Who knows, maybe 0.107.x reveals something new.

A huge shout out to Kenneth C.M. for submitting the APK way before it became available on APK Mirror. Our readers are the best!

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