Pokemon GO APK
Pokemon GO APK

Trainers, Pokemon GO was just update to version number 0.91.2 for Android and 1.61.2 for iOS to implement bug fixes. Unfortunately, there are no major reveals this time, but there is something very curious:

  • A handful of bug fixes and error messages were added,
  • No hints of the rumored Chinese New Year or Valentine Day events,
  • The leaked quest code found in 0.91.1 was completely removed – Niantic is now hiding it from the publicly available APKs

Basically the 0.91.2 contains bug fixes, revert of any recent Quest related code additions and that’s more or less it. We’re not sure why Niantic did this, but it could suggest that the recent quests leak found in 0.91.1 was not intentional and that they are now using a different APK for internal testing.

0.91.1 code on the left, 0.91.2 on the right, clearly showing removal of all recent Quest additions

The graphic and audio assets have remained unchanged compared to 0.91.1, or at least we are not seeing any additions / changes on the existing assets.


The last time when we saw such secrecy from Niantic was in the updates leading up to the gym rework, where everyone knew something was coming, but it was completely hidden from the publicly released APK code base. This doesn’t mean that Niantic has canceled quests, but it does mean that the 0.91.x family of APKs is not a “release candidate”. Once the system is ready, we’ll see a ton of new code in a future APK release.

We think that either someone accidentally leaked the quests code in 0.91.1 or that it was intentional to gauge public interest – it wouldn’t be the first time.

In any case, this is it Trainers, a quality of life update with no major leaks.

P.S. The fast catch glitch was not fixed. Enjoy! 😉