[DEBUNKED] Pokémon GO Account Deletion Linked to Peridot Account Deletion

Niantic has responded to the recent Account Deletion conundrum that was outline in this article earlier. In an effort to clear the air, here is what they shared with GO Hub when asked about the topic:

  • Deleting one Niantic account will not result in any other Niantic accounts being deleted. We found that a couple of users unlinked their Google or Apple logins from Peridot, thinking that this was the same as deleting their accounts.
  • Because these users had additional logins attached to another game, these login methods were removed from their Pokémon GO accounts and they lost their ability to login to Pokémon GO.
  • Their Pokémon GO accounts were not deleted, they simply removed the ability to login to their own account and the Niantic support team was able to help them recover access.
  • To be clear, it should not have been possible to remove all login methods from an account. We have added safeguards to prevent additional issues.
  • If you were affected by this error, you should be able to recover access to Pokémon GO by logging into Pikmin Bloom via your Nintendo ID and reconnecting an additional login method.

In a recent tweet by Twitter user @Misipeka619_, they reported recently attempting to delete their Peridot account, only to find out that their Pokémon GO account was deleted as well. The user stated that after requesting to delete their Peridot account within the Peridot app, they were no longer able to login to Pokémon GO, and they were met with the following message:

The Twitter user has since had their Pokémon GO account restored after reaching out to Niantic Help.

It currently seems that if you have an account on any of Niantic’s games, your accounts are connected under the same umbrella. This is why adding friends in one game, will add them in all Niantic games that you play. This doesn’t seem to be the best method of account handling on Niantic’s part, but we hope that this will soon be resolved. At the time of writing, this is currently the only report of this occurring. 

Please be aware of this current issue when considering account deletion across any of Niantic’s applications until we receive further information. We would advise against deleting your account within any of the Niantic games, and if you no longer wish to play a game, uninstall the app, rather than delete your account.

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