Pokemon GO earns $890M in 2017, landing as the 9th top grossing mobile game of last year

SuperData, a leading gaming data collection and research company, released their 2017: Year in Review statistics today, rounding up the biggest winners and losers in 2017’s gaming industry.

Last year was an incredible year for the Mobile game industry, bringing in ~60 billion dollars in revenue, which is almost the double the amount that the PC gaming revenue looked like – 33 billions.


Of course, Pokemon GO was a major factor in this, earning approximately $890M in revenue and landing as the 9th top earning mobile game in 2017. Below is a detailed chart of the top 10 grossing mobile games last year.

2017 Top 10 Mobile Games by Revenue
Rank Title Publisher Revenue
1 Arena of Valor Tencent $1.9B
2 Fantasy Westward Journey NetEase $1.5B
3 Monster Strike Mixi $1.3B
4 Clash Royale Supercell $1.2B
5 Clash of Clans Supercell $1.2B
6 Fate/Grand Order Aniplex Inc $982M
7 Lineage 2: Revolution Netmarble Games $980M
8 Candy Crush Saga KING $910M
9 Pokemon GO Niantic Inc $890M
10 Ghost Story NetEase $860M

Supercell and King have become household names over the past five years thanks to stellar performances from their flagship titles, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, respectively.

Meanwhile, Supercell’s 2017 game, Clash Royale, managed to earn over $1B in less than a year, while Pokemon GO continues to find overwhelming success despite drop-off from the initial hype.

According to the same report, Pokemon GO has earned 84% of all AR revenue in the mobile market place, as Niantic established itself as a clear leader in the segment. In addition, investment in augmented and mixed reality companies rose 108% year-over-year as investors flock to fund the new growing market.

Although Magic Leap, an AR/MR startup, leads the way with $1.9B worth of investments, Niantic’s recent $200 million investment (Series B funding round led by Spark Capital) is nothing to scoff at.

You can download the report for free at SuperData’s website.