Pokémon GO Shadow Raids: Comprehensive Guide

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Shadow Raids are a new type of Raid Battles that is now available in Pokémon GO, organised by the nefarious Team GO Rocket at occupied Gyms around you. Shadow Raids can be found alongside regular Raids, but they have different rewards and challenges than regular Raids. Let’s learn everything there is to know about Shadow Raids, Shadow Shards, and the new Purified Gems!

Shadow Raids

Team GO Rocket Shadow Raids

Shadow Raids are a new type of Raids that can be found at Team GO Rocket occupied Gyms. The news here is that TGR can now occupy Gyms, rather than just hanging around PokéStops. They come in 1-Star, 3-Star, and 5-Star difficulties, with 5-Star difficulty being reserved for legendary Pokémon.

In Shadow Raids, you will fight a Shadow Pokémon boss, a Pokémon left by the Team GO Rocket to defend the Gym. Three-star and five-star Shadow Raid Bosses will grow enraged as you battle them, boosting their attack and defence. While the boss is enraged, it is become more difficult to defeat.

Shadow Shards can be forged together to create Purified Gems, which will help you defeat enraged Shadow Raid bosses. Using a Purified Gem will weaken the Shadow Raid Boss.

While Team GO Rocket will be taking over a number of Gyms, those they’ve left untouched may still host other raids. Trainers cannot join Shadow Raids using Remote Raid Passes and Shadow Raids do not reward a team bonus for Premier Balls.

Shadow Raids have a 6/6/6 IV floor, not 10/10/10 as it is with usual Raids.

The difficulty of Tier 5 Shadow Raids is the same as regular Tier 5 Raids, and the same goes for Tier 1. Tier 3 Shadow Raids feel a lot more difficult than they should be.

Lastly, Shadow Raids are in-person only, so no Remote Raiding for you Shadow Raiders out there.

Shadow Shards

Pokémon GO Shadow Shard
Shadow Shard

Defeating a Shadow Raid, or a Team GO Rocket member, will reward you with a certain number of Shadow Shards. Shadow Shards can be combined into Purified Gems, a special item that can be used to weaken the Shadow Raid Boss.

You need 4 Shadow Shards to create 1 Purified Gem, and Shadow Shards are purified automatically into Purified Gems (like the Rocket Radars are automatically created from Components).

You can hold up to 10 Purified Gems in your inventory, and both Shadow Shards and Purified Gems occupy bag space.

Shadow Shard drop rates

Shadow Raids reward 1 to 6 Shadow Shards per Raid. Giovanni drops 4 Shadow Shards, Rocket Leaders (Arlo, Sierra, Cliff) drop 3 Shadow Shards, and Rocket Grunts drop 1 Shadow Shard.

All Shadow Shard drops are guaranteed, and they drop alongside Rocket Radar components.

Purified Gems

Pokémon GO Purified Crystal
Purified Gem

There are multiple ways Purified Gems can assist your battle against enraged Shadow Raid Bosses:

  • When you use a Purified Gem during a Shadow Raid, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss’s attack and defence will be lowered temporarily. This can give you the opening you need to take them down.
  • You and your fellow Trainers can use more than one Purified Gem during a Shadow Raid. If used at the same time, their effects will stack.
  • If enough Purified Gems are used, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss will be subdued—returned to its non-enraged state—which might give you the edge you need to defeat it!
  • For Tier 3 and Tier 5 Shadow Raids, it is required to use 8 Purified Gems to subdue a Raid Boss. 

You’ll need to work together with your local community in-person to optimise the best way to take down these new raid bosses, planning the best ways to use your Purified Gems effectively.


  • Shadow Raids are a new type of Raid Battles in Pokémon GO organized by Team GO Rocket at occupied Gyms.
  • They have different rewards and challenges compared to regular Raids.
  • Shadow Raids come in 1-Star, 3-Star, and 5-Star difficulties, with 5-Star being for legendary Pokémon.
  • Players fight against a Shadow Pokémon boss left by Team GO Rocket to defend the Gym.
  • Shadow Raid Bosses become enraged during battle, boosting their attack and defense.
  • Shadow Shards can be obtained by defeating Shadow Raids or Team GO Rocket members.
  • Shadow Shards can be combined to create Purified Gems, which weaken Shadow Raid Bosses when used.
  • Remote Raid Passes cannot be used for Shadow Raids, and no team bonus is rewarded.
  • Shadow Raids have a 6/6/6 IV floor.
  • The drop rates for Shadow Shards vary, with higher drops from Giovanni and Rocket Leaders.
  • Purified Gems can be used to temporarily lower the attack and defense of enraged Shadow Raid Bosses.
  • Multiple Purified Gems can be used simultaneously, and if enough are used, the boss will be subdued.
  • Tier 3 and Tier 5 Shadow Raids require eight Purified Gems to subdue the Raid Boss.
  • Collaboration with the local community is important to optimize strategies in Shadow Raids.

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