Pokémon GO’s yearly revenue slumps to 2017’s levels!

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Pokémon GO has seen a number of wild business decisions over the past few years, culminating with the Remote Raid Pass price hike in April 2023. Now, it seems that the game is paying the price for its relentless pursuit of getting players outside.

Annual revenue generated by Pokémon GO has dropped another year in a row, reaching 566.38 million U.S. dollars in 2023 according to a data report published by Statista suggests.

We are yet to verify if this data is reliable, as it was collected by AppMagic and published by Statista. Regardless of this caveat, we do believe that the data accurately shows in-app spending trends.

What we are seeing in the data is a sharp decline from the incredible financial results of 2020. and 2021., when the game earned 908M USD and 875M USD respectively. Here’s a quick table that shows Pokémon GO’s earnings throughout the years:

Year Earnings
2016. 550.45
2017. 444.75
2018. 607.62
2019. 653.47
2020. 908.94
2021. 875.78
2022. 655.24
2023. 566.38

Here is the same data plotted as a bar chart:

Pokémon GO’s yearly revenue slumps to 2017 levels

Unfortunately for Niantic, with the way inflation rose over the past few years, if we adjust 566.38M USD in 2023. to 2017. values, we get 455.55M USD!

In other words, Pokémon GO’s earnings in the past year are roughly equivalent to the earnings the game had in 2017, which is widely considered to be the weakest year in Pokémon GO’s history!

We think this is not super surprising, as Niantic’s decision to increase the price of Remote Raid Passes, and limit the number of Remote Raids you can do daily had to show somewhere. Combining that with a drop in the game’s popularity, closure of several prominent community hubs, and the result does not come as a shock.

We’ll monitor this and report if new information or a response from Niantic comes around.

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