We are currently data mining the new 0.47.1 APK that was leaked around 20 minutes ago. We have no ground breaking news to report, but there is one interesting detail that’s driving us absolutely crazy.

Niantic is either trolling us and laughing really hard right now, or they are planting small hints at something bigger that’s coming. We found three new sponsors for Pokémon GO Pokéstops. You won’t believe their names:


Yes. Spatula. Thermometer. Knife.


Those are kitchen tools used mostly during Thanksgiving for preparing traditional:

  • Thermometer to measure turkey temperature
  • Knife to slice the turkey
  • Spatula to take out and serve pie pieces

Turkey. Pie. Turkey. Spatula. Knife. Thanksgiving. Please, tell us we are not crazy. If there wasn’t any food oriented holiday coming, we would just taken this as a joke. But Thanksgiving food festivities are so iconic, that it’s really hard to ignore.

Niantic is known for planting references in the code base for players and data miners to find. This are certainly not real sponsor names. They are stand in references for something. We just have to figure out for what.

Just a reminder, this info does not mean there is going to be a Thanksgiving event. It can stand for something else.