Raid drops have changed: less Golden Razz and Rare Candy, more potions

Pokémon GO Raid Rewards
Pokémon GO Raid Rewards


we’ve been collecting the data on the new Raid drops over the past 48 hours and we’re ready to report a number of changes.

In short, drop percentages for each item have changed, reducing both the quantity and the frequency at which you receive raid drops.

The drop rates of following items were significantly nerfed:

As far as Technical Machines are concerned, their drop rate has also been affected, but not in the same measure as the drop rates of Golden Razz Berries and Rare Candy.

We can confirm that thew addition of Super and Hyper potions in the drop tables has diluted the drops and introduced a new drop distribution, which yields significantly less Rare Candy and Golden Razz Berry.

The exact drop percentages are yet to be determined, however, the general raid loot rules still apply: higher tier raids drop more and drop better items.

The Silph Road’s item drops research

Curiously, The Silph Road published a research article today, titled “Understanding Raid Rewards: The Secret Multipliers Behind The Scenes”, in which they detailed how “raid drop bundles” work.

According to their research, you receive a set number of item bundles, where the number of bundles depends on the Raid level and the number of Premier Balls you received. The more Premier Balls you get, the more items you will receive.

Unfortunately for TSR and the general Pokemon GO research community, the day before they published their article, drops have changed, introducing a completely new dynamic into the loot tables.

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