Safari Zone 2018 event at the Chiayi Lantern Festival (Taiwan) announced

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Trainers, a new Safari Zone 2018 event has been announced, taking place at the Chiyi Lantern Festival in Taiwan, from February 26 to March 3 2018. The event is hosted by the Chiayi County government and it extends around Puzi City and the rest of the Chiayi county.

Safari Zone 2018 event at the Chiayi Lantern Festival announced
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Taiwan Safari Zone features the following Pokémon:

Day-time spawns (from 07:00 AM)

Mr. Mime

Night-time spawns (from 05:00 PM)


The Mayor of Chiayi confirmed that Unown letters C, H, I, A, Y, G, X and F will be making an appearance and that shiny Magikarp rates will be significantly increased (source Facebook post).

Niantic has also extended their thoughts and condolences to those affected by the nearby earthquake: “We hope those lanterns will bring the people of Taiwan comfort, and we sincerely wish you healing and a strong recovery.”

This is the first Safari Zone event in 2018 and it’s encouraging to see Niantic working together with local government and official authorities, as these interactions can bring local Pokémon GO to a new level of public awareness and engagement.

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