Safari Zone event report: Prague

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Every Czech Pokémon Go trainer was really looking forward to this event after postponing the August Safari Zone. That’s why all tickets were gone after 1 minute and 28 seconds.

I woke up at 7 am and there were already rare spawns in the city center. The event was held at Shopping Mall Černý Most (part of Unibail-Rodamco line of shopping malls).

Outside the mall

The official start of the event was at 10am, but the registration started already at 8 am, it went really quickly, as they just checked your ID, scanned QR code and gave you Trainer’s Kit containing your team sticker, Pikachu paper hat, Safari Poster and another QR code.

After scanning your QR code at a special Pokéstop, new Safari Pokéstops popped up and they started to spawn tons of GEN I and GEN II starters including 2nd and 3rd evolutions:

  • Eevee,
  • Miltank,
  • Skarmory,
  • Porygon,
  • Clefairy,
  • Pikachu (including shiny),
  • Magikarp (including shiny),
  • Machop,
  • Mareep,
  • Chansey,
  • Unown (SAFARI letters),
  • Larvitar and
  • representing the land down under, the Australian regional Pokémon… Kan-gas-khan! (best read in announcer voice)

They also dropped special 2K eggs like at previous Safari Events. However there were less Pokéstops (25 in total) then in Germany for example, which caused that some trainer didn’t have enough Pokéballs.

The mall was quite crowded and some people had problems with GPS, so we decided to walk on the rooftop parking lot, which was a good idea.

Crowded mall!

We already knew what to expect from this event, but after 10am, a legendary egg appeared at a nearby gym, everyone was expecting Suicune, but then Lugia appeared, so hundreds of people used this opportunity to fight and catch Lugia one more time!

The whole Lugia situation was odd and fun and the same time, because people didn’t know if it’s another Niantic bug or if it’s a special surprise for us. I think people appreciated it as it was a nice distraction.

Nearby Raid in the streets

There was also a “lottery contest” where you could win Pikachu Hat, Pikachu Powerbank and Nintendo Switch. I managed to win a Pikachu Powerbank 🙂

Pikachu power bank

I’d like to thank Niantic, GO Hub and shout out to our great Pokémon Go Brno Community.

We are already looking forward to another special event like this.


Community written article, author Pavel Macku, published and edited by Hub editors. All pictures were taken by Pavel, later retouched by the Hub. If you want to use them, reach out to Pavel.

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