Shadow Raids discovered in Pokémon GO 0.265 update datamine

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The latest Pokémon GO update – version 0.265.0 – started rolling out a couple of hours ago, and data miners have already started digging into it. Among the first discoveries they made are Shadow Raids, a new type of raids that could be coming to Pokémon GO

Despite our low expectation, this week in Pokémon GO is off to a great start, so let’s see what is actually going on… maybe Shadow Porygon finally learned how to use a computer!

💡 Disclaimer Everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change,  or not even being released at all. Information referenced in this article is made publicly available by a group of data miners called PokéMiners. Our article includes some of our  own commentary from experience. Data mining is, and never will be, something Niantic or the Pokémon Company endorses.

Shadow Raids

A couple of pieces of code found in the new update reveal the existence of Shadow Raids, a new type of Raids potentially coming to Pokémon GO. Judging by the code, Shadow Raids range from Level 1 to Level 5, similar to normal Pokémon GO Raids.


Currently, Pokémon GO only uses Level 1, 3, and 5 Raid difficulties, so it interesting if this will be repeated with Shadow Raids. Aside from the obvious connection with Team GO Rocket, it is not clear how and where Shadow Raids will appear. 

Shadow Raid Rewards

Completing Shadow Raids seemingly rewards additional XP, both for in-person and remote raids. It is not clear if these amounts will be different, but it does look like Shadow Raids will be remote-friendly.



Shadow Raid Pass

Additionally, a new type of Raid Pass has been spotted as well. The name of this Raid Pass is not yet known, but it looks like it is a reference to the Shadow Raids. The hardcoded value is called ITEM_S_RAID_TICKET.

Shadow Raid Pass

It is not clear if this “Shadow Raid Pass” will be a new premium item, or this will be an extension of the Team GO Rocket rewards system, but it does look like Shadow Raids will be using a different Raid Pass.

Curiously, this ticket may have been already data mined, all the way back when Pokémon GO 0.249.0 update was in the focus. The debate about the nature, price, and usage of this Raid ticket will last until we know more about Shadow Raids, but its purple colour does match the overall Shadow Pokémon visuals used in Pokémon GO.

Parting Words

Pokémon GO Raids have become a fairly stagnant affair for most players, and Niantic is well aware of this. From the removal of EX Raids, to the change in Raid Levels, introduction of Mega and Elite Raids, it does not surprise us that a new type of Raid is being discussed / tested.

Remote Raid Pass is an incredibly popular shop item – one can only guess how much it earns compared to other shop items – and we have no illusions that it will be used for Shadow Raids as well.

All in all, we look forward to this. Here’s to hoping that Niantic shares more information on Shadow Raids soon! In the meantime, check out our Regidrago Counters Guide (Elite Raid difficulty), and swing by our Team GO Rocket guides.

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