Trainers! This is not a drill! Oh, do we love saying that! We come to you with great news! Although it was somewhat expected, thanks to Chrales we can now confirm that Shiny Mareep has been found in the traffic!

Since we are slightly ahead of the leak this time, we do not yet have access to the sprites at this time, but you might be lucky enough to see the 3D models on his Twitch stream at the moment of this writing.

This may not come as a surprise, but it’s always a relief to know that Shiny sprite of Community Day Pokémon get added in the traffic of the game. This month, in addition to all the bonuses available during Community Day, we’ll be able to benefit from the Kanto Celebration bonuses, so we hope you’re ready to stock up on Mareep candies!

Soon, we will be able to snatch the cute little cotton candy, I mean, the beautiful Shiny Mareep family with Dragon Pulse on the upcoming April community day event! We suggest you read the following Hub guides in preparation for the event:

On a final note, make sure to join the discussion on our Discord server and be sure to report any research you find during your local Community Day!

Stay tune for an update on our Global Atlas project!