Shiny Mew Leaked in the Game’s Network Traffic!

Trainers, once again, thanks to the expertise of ZeChrales, we have made a brand new discovery inside of the game’s Network Traffic, and this time, it’s big. (be sure to give him some love in the comments and on his Twitch page)

Please note that these are raw images taken from ZeChrales Twitch Stream, and that the 3D Sprites shall be coming very soon, as of now, here is the screenshot.

Because of ZeChrales’ discoveries, we can assume that there is a possibility that as of the new Research Update tomorrow, March 30th, Trainers may be able to encounter a Shiny Mew! So be sure to get out there and complete as many task as soon as possible!

If you are unaware of who ZeChrales is, we recommend you take a look at our Interview with the artist of Network Traffic discoveries himself.

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