Trainers, a new evolution item is on it’s way to Pokemon GO. Sinnoh Stone is a special evolution stone that allows certain species of Pokemon to evolve. Aptly titled Generation IV Evolution stone in the network traffic, the Sinnoh Stone could be used to evolve all Pokemon GO’s cross evolution lines that get a new evolution stage in Sinnoh.

Sinnoh Stone name and description were discovered in Pokemon GO’s network traffic, while the icon and code hooks should be released in an upcoming Pokemon GO update. The discovery is credited to Chrales:

Name Description
Sinnoh Stone A special stone originally found in the Sinnoh region that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is very tough and has a beautiful sheen.

Sinnoh Stone doesn’t really exist in any of the official Pokemon games, but it was created in a fan made Pokemon knock off game (Project Pokemon) that debuted on the Roblox platform.

Project Pokemon development was since abandoned and the game was deleted from Roblox along all other fan made Pokemon games, but while the game was still available you could use the Sinnoh Stone to evolve the following species:

Pokemon Evolution
Pokemon GO MagnetonMagneton Pokemon GO MagnezoneMagnezone
Pokemon GO RhydonRhydon Pokemon GO RhyperiorRhyperior
Pokemon GO LickitungLickitung Pokemon GO LickilickyLickilicky
Pokemon GO TangelaTangela Pokemon GO TangrowthTangrowth
Pokemon GO ElectabuzzElectabuzz Pokemon GO ElectivireElectivire
Pokemon GO MagmarMagmar Pokemon GO MagmortarMagmortar
Pokemon GO EeveeEevee Pokemon GO LeafeonLeafeon
Pokemon GO EeveeEevee Pokemon GO GlaceonGlaceon
Pokemon GO SneaselSneasel Pokemon GO WeavileWeavile
Pokemon GO TogeticTogetic Pokemon GO TogekissTogekiss
Pokemon GO YanmaYanma Pokemon GO YanmegaYanmega
Pokemon GO GligarGligar Pokemon GO GliscorGliscor
Pokemon GO MurkrowMurkrow Pokemon GO HonchkrowHonchkrow
Pokemon GO KirliaKirlia Pokemon GO GalladeGallade
Pokemon GO MisdreavusMisdreavus Pokemon GO MismagiusMismagius
Pokemon GO PiloswinePiloswine Pokemon GO MamoswineMamoswine
Pokemon GO DusclopsDusclops Pokemon GO DusknoirDusknoir
Pokemon GO SnoruntSnorunt Pokemon GO FroslassFroslass
Pokemon GO AipomAipom Pokemon GO AmbipomAmbipom
Pokemon GO RoseliaRoselia Pokemon GO RoseradeRoserade
Pokemon GO Porygon2Porygon2 Pokemon GO Porygon-ZPorygon-Z
Pokemon GO NosepassNosepass Pokemon GO ProbopassProbopass

We are unable to confirm if the Sinnoh Stone will be the only evolution item that can be used to evolve these species of Pokemon, but we sincerely hope that’s not the case.

If Niantic decides to follow the “one stone to evolve them all” strategy for handling cross generational evolution lines, the Sinnoh Stone will become the most important item for completing your Sinnoh Pokedex. If we squeeze our eyes and put on our pay-to-win-conspiracy-theory hats on, we can even see it becoming a part of a sale box and a new in-store purchasable item. Again, hopefully, that’s not the case.

Niantic, Project Pokemon and Roblox…?

Although the existence of Sinnoh Stone in the network data is a surprise and a good topic to write about, we want to drive your attention to something else. Like we mentioned above, Sinnoh Stone doesn’t exist in any of the core Pokemon games that were created by GAME FREAK.

Recent Pokemon games are known for their tendency to break the mold, introducing new evolution mechanisms and rules that were never seen before. Could the Sinnoh Stone be Pokemon GO’s way of saying “we’re done with tradition”? Or is it just an item that will be purchasable / obtainable to help us complete our Sinnoh Pokedex in addition to evolving these Pokemon with their usual methods?

Time will tell, but this is an interesting time to be a Pokemon (GO) player.

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