Stardust Blast Event Announced and New Gen 4 Pokémon Live!


Update: Budew is a 5km egg, shiny possibility seems likely, as a photo was posted here. Buizel has been shown to be a tier 1 raid and we think no raid guide is needed. Just check the counters on our Database website. 

Trainers, 1pm PST is always a time of excitement, and here we are, able to report that not only are new Generation 4 Pokémon out in the wild, but they come with Ponyta and Cubone spawns still active and double the dust, due to what Niantic is referring to as their first ever Stardust Blast Event.

Buizel Live
Credit goes to u/irishninja117 on Reddit
Dust In-Game Announcement
Dust In-Game Proof

Credit goes to JellyBean on the GoHub Discord

Currently it appears that Buizel is the only new Pokémon to come around in the wild, and even then it may potentially be drowned out by the likes of the boosted Cubone and Ponyta spawns, of which we still have no date of when they will stop being boosted. Meanwhile,

Trainers have reported that Budew is a 5 KM egg hatch, and according to the link below it can be a shiny, which makes sense as Roselia has been released as a shiny.

In any case though, the Stardust Blast Event is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one at that. Especially when it will coincide with the November Community Day which also sees a double dust component. Following prior events that featured combining bonuses, that means you could expect, before a Star Piece, a x4 buff to Stardust during Cyndaquil Day! Then, after a Star Piece it would make it a whopping x6 bonus to Stardust (considering that they are multiplicative and would go 2x2x1.5=6 instead of adding individually)!

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