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Slakoth Day to Make a Return in the EMEA Region Later This Summer

Following a series of technical problems, Slakoth Community Day will return to the EMEA region later this summer, Niantic Support said. Following an outage of the weather system, Slakoth spawns were dramatically reduced, resulting in a public outrage by the European players. Problems persisted throughout the day and players were prevented from participating in the event.

“Trainers, we are aware of gameplay issues that impacted the EMEA region during Community Day. Please stay tuned for a future announcement that includes the return of Slakoth later this summer. Thank you for your patience.”  – Niantic Support

The problem begun around 4 PM (GMT) when the real time weather system stopped working. With the weather system offline, Slakoth stopped spawning almost completely and Adventure Week spawns were replaced with random biome specific Pokémon. A German player posted this image on reddit, proving the dramatic reduction in Slakoth spawns:

Slakoth spawns dramatically reduced in Europe after the weather system went offline

The weather system went back online roughly three hours later, at around 8 PM (GMT), which was too late for most European countries. As the weather system went back online, the mechanism that creates Slakoth spawns was restored, resulting in a smooth Community Day in North and South America.

However, European players were not happy. Throughout the day, a massive number of players took their frustration to social media, flooding Niantic’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email channels. The initial support response was misleading and incorrect, assuring players that there’s nothing wrong with the spawns:

Instead of clarifying the problem, support’s responses only increased the level of confusion and frustration among the player base, which inevitably ended up with lengthy rants and “postmortem” write ups on reddit. urbananchoress, a redditor, shared the following yesterday:

“To add insult to injury, I have seen people receiving messages from Niantic Support claiming that Slakoth were spawning as normal during the event and that players just had to try harder to find one, or that shiny Slakoth would still be available in the wild or in eggs. I walked over 10kms during CD, and being told I didn’t try hard enough to find event spawns that weren’t spawning is unacceptable. I will not pay money to buy super incubators to run through eggs in the hope of hatching a full odds shiny that players in other regions farmed for free. Just because the servers were stable (unlike the bugged APAC CDs) doesn’t mean that the game was correctly functioning. I am certainly a lot more apprehensive about having spent my limited spending money on a trip to Dortmund.”

Niantic eventually responded, tweeting that “a future announcement” will include more details about Slakoth’s rerun in the EMEA region. Unfortunately for most of our European readers, the tweet was shared at around 3 AM (GMT) which resulted in poor visibility and continued frustration on reddit, Facebook and Discord.

The unexpected outcome of the incident was that players are now aware of the connection between the weather system and Community Day spawns. Niantic hasn’t shared any information on how these two systems are connected, but it seems that Community Days are heavily reliant on the weather being operational.

We’ll report further when more details become available.


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