Something big is cooking in Brazil…

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Omar Téllez, Niantic’s business developer, is in Brazil and he’s teasing a “soon to be announced” real world event on Twitter and even inviting Brazilian players to meet him tomorrow at Oca (Ibirapuera Park) in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Omar has been on a roll lately, tweeting a number of tweets that directly use the #HolaNiantic hashtag we used to raise awareness about the lack of real world events in the LATAM region (Latin America).

Here’s a quick selection of tweets that almost straight out confirm that something big is cooking in Brazil.

Omar Tellez lands in Sao Paulo

On June 12th, Omar has landed in Brazil, following a 14 hour long flight. TigerGames, a Brazilian Youtuber reaches out in replies, but no info is shared at this time.

Job listing promotion

The following day, Omar promotes a job listing for a local growth scout in Brazil. GO Hub, GO Hub ES and GO Hub LATAM help out by retweeting, but no info shared at this moment either:

And then…

The epic teaser response to Tiger

Just three hours ago, on June 14th, Omar responds to Tiger, a Brazilian Youtuber, that a Pokemon GO event in Brazil could happen sooner than he thinks:

Tiger: I’m looking forward to the Larvitar event tomorrow, let’s show our strength guys! Can you imagine Niantic doing an event here in Brazil?

Omar: Tiger, maybe it will happen sooner than you think ;-o #VamosBra #HolaNiantic

See you in Oca

A few hours later, Omar announces that he is looking forward to meeting local Brazilian players in the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo. Ibirapuera is an urban park sprawling over 158 hectares and is the most visited park in South America, with 14.4 million visits in 2017.

Well, well… we guess that kinda hints at the location of the event, doesn’t it?

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