Take a GO Snapshot of Slowpoke and win V-Battle Decks and Pokéball Tins

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Trainers, attention! In order to celebrate March 2023 Community Day: Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke, GO Hub is running a GO Snapshot sweepstake, and we are giving away Pokémon Trading Card Game V-Battle Decks and Poké Ball Tins.

This raffle revolves around Slowpoke, Slowpoke Community Day, and using your GO Snapshot skills to take the best AR photo of Slowpoke ever. Of course, these are not ordinary GO Snapshot photos, as they need to complete one of the special challenges we listed below.

What we are giving away

You can win a Pokémon V-Battle Deck featuring Mewtwo vs Melmetal, or one of the Pokémon GO-themed Poké Ball Tins. We are giving away 3x V-Battle Decks and 5x Pokéball Tins in this raffle.

Please keep the pack number in mind, as you will need this to submit your entries:

Reward Pack number
Pokémon TCG V-Battle Deck Mewtwo vs. Melmetal pack1
Pokémon TCG V-Battle Deck Mewtwo vs. Melmetal pack2
Pokémon TCG V-Battle Deck Mewtwo vs. Melmetal pack3
Poké Ball Tin pack4
Poké Ball Tin pack5
Poké Ball Tin (Great Ball) pack6
Poké Ball Tin (Great Ball) pack7
Poké Ball Tin (Ultra Ball) pack8

All of the rewards are unopened, and will be shipped to winners free of charge. You can find more information on V-Battle Decks and Poké Ball Tins on the Pokémon Center website.

How to participate in the raffle

In order to participate in the raffle, you need to take a GO Snapshot picture of Slowpoke that completes a GO Snapshot challenge listed below. You should be taking these photos tomorrow, during March 2023 Community Day: Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke and submitting them via Twitter.

The special Slowpoke GO Snapshots photos we are looking for are:

Location-themed challenges

  • Slowpoke (or one of its evolutions) on a large stone at the side of water
  • Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke (or any of their evolutions) hanging out together at a beach
  • A group GO Snapshot of Slowpoke together with its evolution next to a local piece of artwork.
  • A group GO Snapshot of regular and Galarian Slowpoke hanging out in a park.
  • Slowpoke (or its evolutions) looking over the water into the sun.

Group themed challenges

  • You and two of your friends posing with Slowpoke (or one of its evolutions)
  • Slowpoke (or one of its evolutions) posing with your local Community Day crowd
  • A group GO Snapshot of a total of 3 Slowpoke, all hanging out in a park.

To win, the photos that you submit need to be Family Friendly and be taken with the native Pokémon GO Snapshot camera tool. Editing photos is not allowed.

Tweet with the following hashtags

Contestants need to submit their photos via Twitter, using the hashtags #PokemonGOCatch + #giveaway, including the pack number (pack2, pack3,…). You also need to tag @PokemonGOHubNet Twitter account.

Rules and regulations

  • We will draw winners at random.
  • We are giving away all 8 reward packs.
  • Please include all the required hashtags, account tags, and pack numbers in your submissions.
  • Your entries need to be family friendly, unedited, taken with the in-game GO Snapshot camera
  • The winners will be drawn next week
  • You can submit multiple entries, but only 1 per person can be a winning entry

Are these real or you’re just messing with us?

Looks pretty real to me!

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