Mysterious Components Are Dropping in Pokémon GO (for some players)

Team GO Rocket Loading Screen
Team GO Rocket Loading Screen

Trainers, something strange is happening on the official Pokémon GO Twitter account, strange enough that it looks like a teaser to our eyes. We will be updating this post as new information comes in – stay tuned.

First, it was announced that they’ve received a series of messages from the self-titled leaders of #TeamGORocket. With a playful “stay tuned”, Niantic announced that they will share out these messages soon.

A few hours later they’ve delivered a message from Cliff. Cliff is taunting Blanche and challenging their position as a Team Leader:

Blanche already encountered Cliff once and froze on sight, maybe this taunt will reinvigorate Blanche’s willingness to fight:

He was reluctant to battle us, and told us to retreat in a surprisingly gentle tone. It was clear that this would be the only kindness he’d show us and would not stand down if challenged to a battle. Blanche stood frozen. I made the decision for both of us to head back, we were not prepared for a face-off.

Update: Sierra is taunting Spark, three hours after Cliff taunted Blanche! Judging by this schedule, Arlo will taunt Candela at 1 PM PDT!

Update #2:

  • The existing Rocket battle has been compressed to half its size
  • Leaders have received an updated typing
    • Arlo: Steel
    • Sierra: Dark
    • Cliff: Rock
    • Giovanni: Ground

Update #3: Players are reporting getting Mysterious Components in-game from a rocket grunt battle. Need 6 to do something. The drops are not guaranteed.

Mysterious Component
Mysterious Component
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