TechCrunch video confirms Delibird for holidays and showcases AR Plus mode in action


a video that was just uploaded by TechCrunch and which is available above this text has confirmed the following:

  • Delibird is coming for this Holiday season
  • AR Plus is coming out this week
  • AR Plus does enable actual Pokémon Scale and you need to sneak up to Pokémon
  • Expert Handler bonus is only active if you don’t mess up your proximity and awareness thresholds
  • Nanab berries reduce Pokémon’s chance to detect you

Niantic has refused to comment on supporting Google’s AR Core but they did confirm that Delibird will be released for this Holiday season.

You can see how Delibird looks and feels in game right now, by watching the demonstration video recorded by Andrew Goldfarb, IGN’s news editor:

Andrew shared the following in the IGN article linked above:

The demo build we played also featured multiple Pokemon that haven’t been released yet, including Delibird, Carvanha, Barboach, Spheal, and more. A Niantic representative told us to expect news on those Pokemon and more “very soon,” and reiterated that a holiday event is on the way.