Rare Candy Drops increased in T5 raids, T4 raids drop guaranteed Charged TMs

Trainers, Niantic has shared that they are increasing Rare Candy rewards from completing five-star raids in Pokemon GO. At the same time, completing four-star raids will reward guaranteed Charged TMs. This change is effective immediately.

Players have reported getting 12 Rare Candies from a single Tier 5 raid, which makes our Terrakion Raid Counters guide finally relevant again:

Both items are lucrative rewards, but serve different purposes in the meta game. Rare Candy is a one-time replacement item that always has the same predictable outcome. Using a Rare Candy on a Pokemon will give you 1x of that Pokemon Candy, without a fail. Having Rare candy is always beneficial, especially when you’re planning a new power-up project.

On the other hand, you always want extra Charged TMs, due to the random nature of their outcome. It’s not uncommon to spend 4-5 to fix just one move, and there’s potentially three moves you wan’t to fix.

Kudos to Niantic for listening to player feedback!

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