Today’s surprise EX raid was plagued by a surprising number of network errors


Today wasn’t the best day ever for those who were lucky enough to get an surprise invitation to today’s EX raid (see New wave of EX invites: February 3, 2018 for reference). Starting early morning (GMT time), the app was plagued with continuous lag and a significant increase in number of network errors.

We are not yet sure what happened, as it seems like it was an isolated period of increased service instability, but we suggest that affected players reach out to Niantic Support for clarification and potential remedies.

In the meantime, if you’re still affected with increased error rate, try the following:

Technical preparations

  • restart your device before the raid (good old reboot trick from a different era of Pokemon GO)
  • clear your cache / reinstall the app

Logistical preparations

  • Be on time for the raid and don’t waste a single minute
  • Inform others at the gym that you could be experiencing problems
  • Don’t panic, you’ve got time

In other news, we have observed increased lag and latency over the past two days. No clarification has been yet given by Niantic, but luckily, the issues are not becoming more sever – the game is just error-prone again (similar to this summer’s periods of raid testing).

For further reference into Error codes, check our Error Codes listing and share your experiences / solutions in the comment section.

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