Wayfarer Pokemon GO Access Shut Down, Niantic Admits Mistake

Trainers, we reported earlier today that Niantic Wayfarer was Accessible Worldwide For Select Trainers, following on widespread reports that Pokemon GO players from across the world can access it and review Waystops.

It turns out that the availability of Wayfarer was a mistake on Niantic’s end. Unfortunately, Wayfarer access is now shut down, preventing Pokemon GO players from accessing the Wayfarer Test and reviewing nominations.

Ninatic has shared the following tweet on their official support Twitter account:


Following this tweet, access permissions were reverted and players no longer can access the Review test, nor review PokeStops. Mistakes are bound to happen, but we’re baffled by Niantic’s approach here and we can’t really justify the decision to revert permissions.

If access was granted by mistake, but the system is operational and stable, what’s the worst thing that can happen? If we’re reaching a point where the system is growing out of capacity, limit access to some, while keeping the lucky ones inside.

The community worked hard to identify issues, reported them on reddit, Twitter and Facebook. GO players even worked out that you need to have at least a Level 1 Ingress account to access it, which is remote debugging at its finest.

Niantic has shared that all reviews that were submitted while access privileges were available will stay in the systems and that players won’t be forced to retake the test: