Trainers, the Community Day voting for June and July has finished! Niantic has announced the winners of this CD voting cycle:

  • Weedle is the June Community Day Pokémon. Beedrill evolved during this Community Day will know Drill Run Ground!
  • Gastly is the July Community Day Pokémon. Gengar’s exclusive Community Day will be Shadow Punch Ghost!

Weedle Community Day


Weedle Community Day will take place on June 20, 2020. Beedrill evolved during the Community Day hours will know Drill Run Ground. We don’t know what the event bonuses will be, or if it will be a “Play at home” type of Community Day.

What we do know is how Weedle’s shiny form will look like:

Shiny Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill
Pokemon GO Shiny Weedle Pokemon GO Shiny Kakuna Pokemon GO Shiny Beedrill

Special Move: Drill Run Ground

If you evolve Kakuna to Beedrill it will learn the Ground-type attack Drill Run. Combine Beedrill’s Bug and Poison moves with a Ground-type move for some interesting move-sets.  Beedrill could even threaten Azumaril when it has shields left.  The ground type move will also give Beedrill coverage against Fire and Rock-types.

Gastly Community Day


Gastly Community Day will take place sometime in July 2020. We don’t know what the event bonuses will be, or if it will be a “Play at home” type of Community Day.

Shiny Gastly, Haunter and Gengar
Pokemon GO Shiny Gastly Pokemon GO Shiny Haunter Pokemon GO Shiny Gengar

Special Move: Shadow Punch Ghost

If you evolve Haunter to Gengar it will learn the Ghost-type move Shadow Punch.  Shadow Punch will provide some shield bait opportunities as Shadow Punch charges very quickly, and could be useful to burn your opponents’ shields down.

Parting words

We’re quite happy with the voting results, but we are not happy with Niantic’s choice to host the voting on Twitter. We feel like the voting process should be a part of the core game, rather than relying on a third party platform to do the voting.

Sure, this was the first time we’re doing out-of-app voting, but participation seems to be a large issue for this approach. The result was determined based on ~670k votes cast on Twitter. Percentage-wise, how large is that when compared to the overall Pokémon GO player base?

We’re not sure, but if we trust this estimate (Statista), Pokémon GO is played by 10 million people across the globe, this means that it 670k votes roughly translates into 6.7% of players. In other words, 6.7% of players have made this decision.

I think we have a participation problem on our hands.