Wizards Unite To Get a Raid Lobby “Ready Button”

Multi-thousand Raid Test

In a strange twist of events, Wizards Unite is set to receive a feature that was requested almost years ago in Pokemon GO. Yes, these lucky punks are getting a “ready button” for raid lobbies, which allows players to start Fortress encounters without waiting for the timer to run out. As spotted by MetalCollector, the Galaxy Store app page hints at an upcoming update which brings the following:

A new chamber experience has been added! When you join a room with other players, you can now tap “Ready” to let your teammates know that you’re ready to join the fight! Likewise, you can now see when other players are ready to start the challenge. As a single player, you can now skip the start timer by tapping “Start” and being sent straight to the board!


Why this isn’t implemented in Pokemon GO? The answer eludes us, but this simple life hack is part of the upcoming Wizards Unite 2.5.0 update which was accidentally released a week too early on Samsung Galaxy Store (source). If you’re on Samsung devices, don’t update, this version has an issue that prevents you from accessing the game. You’ve been warned!

Looking back at the feature announcement, we must say it looks absolutely perfect – this is exactly what we need in Pokemon GO as well. There’s nothing preventing this from being implemented for private lobbies and Tier 1, 2 and 3 difficulty raids. And it’s a win for everyone really.