Zamazenta and Zacian stats and moves leak ahead of Ultra Unlock Part 3

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Zacian and Zamazenta are the highlight releases of Pokémon GO’s upcoming Ultra Unlock Part 3 event, which starts tomorrow at 10:00 am (local time) across the globe. The event’s main focus is the Galar region and its Pokémon, which will appear in wild and raid encounters.

Up to today, we had no idea which moves will be available for the Galarian Pokémon, but recent data mining has unveiled pretty much everything we need to know for tomorrow.

PokéMiners have shared a post highlighting new moves for Gen 8 and select Gen 6 Pokémon. You can find the whole post attached below and we’ll be sharing some highlights here.

ℹ️ Of course, all the regular data mining disclaimers apply: this information is not associated with or endorsed by Niantic, it’s subject to change and it may never be released in this form to production.

Gen 8 move highlights

Zacian and Zamazenta stats and moves have been revealed:

  • Fast moves: Metal Claw, Snarl, Quick Attack, Fire Fang
  • Charge moves: Play Rough, Iron Head, Wild Charge, Close Combat
  • Stats: 192 (HP), 254 (Atk), 236 (Def)
  • Buddy Distance: 20.0km
  • Fast moves: Metal Claw, Snarl, Quick Attack, Ice Fang
  • Charge moves: Moonblast, Iron Head, Crunch, Close Combat
  • Stats: 192 (HP), 254 (Atk), 236 (Def)
  • Buddy Distance: 20.0km

We are happy to see that both of them have access to strong Fairy type moves, which could spice things up in PvP. Unfortunately, we don’t see either of these Pokémon to be a good addition to your raiding roster.

There is a metric ton of placeholder stats and moves in the dump:

  • Flapple and Appletum need 400 Candy to evolve, which is quite strange and excessive
  • Same thing to evolve Kubfu to Urshifu, 400 Candy
  • Regidrago has access to Lock On and Dragon Claw, imagine that in Trainer Battles – a constant barrage of charge moves
  • From JRE47: Dubwool has unviable fast moves (Tackle and Take Down 🤢), but GreedentFalinks, and the eventual Cursola look great!
  • The starters have great stats, but awful moves. We’re looking forward to Community Day additions
  • Regidrago and Regieleki look like they’re getting a 9% nerf, but that doesn’t look good now. Max CP is well under 3000, which is quite disappointing.
  • Dragapult looks terrific with Hex and Dragon Tail as fast moves, and Shadow Ball, Outrage, and Dragon Pulse as charge moves. Really great addition to the game!

Gen 8 moves and stats

You can find the entire list of moves and stats in this PasteBin dump.

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