just a short update today. A few months ago we researched the existence of Nocturnal Species in GO and found out that there are 14 distinct Pokemon species that appear more frequently during the night.

Today, in an effort to re-share and re-capture the results of that research we’ve designed and published an info graphic depicting the results.

You can read the entire research article here, with detailed graphs and charts for every nocturnal species: Nocturnal species of Pokémon GO (Generation 1 and 2).

The info graphic is available here (click on the thumbnail for bigger version). Feel free to share it with your local Pokemon GO community in order to spread this information further:

Nocturnal Species in Pokemon GO
Nocturnal Species in Pokemon GO
  • Giovanni Navarro

    Not really sure about it, i encounter the same amount of murkrow at anytime of day/night

    • the2000guy

      In my case I encountered more Murkrow during night instead of Pidgey. While during day, more Pidgeys appear than Murkrow

    • GonzoI

      There is a definite transition from “a lot of Murkrow” to “Pokemon remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds'” as it gets past midnight.

  • raichu DL

    i see niantic’s been doing their homework to familiarize themselves more with the franchise. i’ve poked around at the usual pokemon fansites, to find that quagsire actually does have some history as a nocturnal pokemon in the mainstream games.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    lets take a break at congrats to niantic for there hard work. They are actually working for some greats things and new updates which dont include bugs, niantic is reviving the game and this summer will be huge, or should I (southern hemisphere) say winter