Right, so here’s what we know about Alola forms in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Only Generation I Pokemon will receive them and there are currently 18 of them. There is quite a few changes to types and moves, so read carefully.

Alola Rattata and Raticate

Rattata and Raticate feature gray skin, pointy ears and a fairly similar model to their original forms. Interestingly, Alolan Raticate is a Dark/Normal Pokemon and also one of the Totem Pokemon of the trial that takes place in Verdant Cavern.

Type: Dark/Normal


Alola Vulpix and Ninetails

Big changes for the two Fox Pokemon! With both being Ice types and featuring a snowy white visual, it’s a nice twist on the old. Ninetails is also a Fairy living in the mountains. Signature ability is Snow Cloak.

Type: Ice and Ice/Fairy

Alola Sandshrew and Sandslash

Both Sandshrew and Sandslash received substantial visual updates, moving them away from the old desert team and into the snowy mountains. Signature ability is similar to Vulpix and Ninetails: Snow Cloak.

Type: Ice/Steel

Alola Grimer and Muk

Vividly coloured and funny looking is the best way to describe the new form for Grimer and Muk. They were imported from other regions as a solution to the increased garbage problem in Alola region. Signature move: Poison Touch / Gluttony.

Type: Poison/Dark

Alola Meowth and Persian

Controversial change to say the least, with community divided on the new Persian visual. Meowth is now a Dark type Pokemon with two signature moves Pickup/Technician.

Type: Dark

Alola Diglett and Dugtrio

Crazy hair, crazy memes and overall not very changed visual. Currently there is no info on typing and move changes, but we expect something interesting coming from this update.

Alola Geodude, Graveler and Golem

It’s quite impressive to see how good the new forms look for the Geodude evolution line. Little is known on their stats and moves, but there is a strong Turkish moustache theme going on. Golem looks particularly fabulous with something that looks like a magnet coming from the back of it’s shell.

Alola Exeggutor

Look up, cause it’s head is way up there! Alolan Exeggutor features an incredibly long neck area, a dinosaur like appearance and improved typing: Grass/Dragon. The new Exeggutor even has a fourth head, on it’s tail!

Type: Grass/Dragon

Alola Marowak

Now that’s a cool visual! With new Fire/Ghost typing, the Alolan Marowak will chill the bones of their opponents. We are quite pleased with the changed, and can’t wait for the Alola Cubone to show up in the data mining.

Type: Ghost/Fire

Alola Raichu

Last, but certainly not least, is the beautiful Alolan Raichu. With even more cuteness, Raichu achieved the ability to wield Psychic Power, making it an Electric/Psychic Pokemon. But the question is – does it surf?

Type: Electric/Psychic