Pokémon Sun and Moon Hairstyles

Pokémon Sun and Moon Hairstyles

Unfortunately, Barber Shop in Sun and Moon doesn’t allow you to see how the haircut will look like before you apply it. Here’s a quick reference chart originally collected and created by a redditor named twoduy.

Sun and Moon Female Trainer Hairstyles, Hair Colors & Cosmetic Variations (So Far)

Hairstyles and variations include Chin-length Bob, Short and Bobbed, Long and Straight, Medium and Wavy, Long and Wavy, Romantic Tuck and Cornrow Braided Bun. That’s a low of new words for hair, at least for us.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Hairstyle, Contact Lense and Lipstick Colors

Pokémon Sun and Moon Hair, Eyes and Lipstick Colors include a number of variants: black, Honey Blond, Dark Brown, Platinum Blond etc. Again, a huge number of names for colors we had no idea exist before this game.

Here’s a chart and the image preview is just after it:

Hair Color Eye Color Lipstick Color
Black Hazel none
Honey Blond Gray Nude Pink
Dark Brown Green Coral Orange
Ash Brown Blue Bright Pink
Caramel Blond Black Summer Red
Platinum Blond Yellow Deep Burgundy
Pink Brown Brown Icy Blue


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