Pokémon Sun and Moon Tier List

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Tier List

In-game tier lists rank Pokemon based on effectiveness and usefulness throughout an entire playthrough. An entire playthrough, in the case of Sun and Moon, is classified from the very start of the game until you defeat the Elite Four and Champion. This guide is courtesy of Smogon.

Tier Rank Criteria and Tiers explained

Tier Description
Top a Pokémon with the fewest flaws in a playthrough
High a Pokémon with some flaws but very appealing tools to utilize.
Upper Mid a Pokémon with flaws with some appealing tools to utilize.
Mid a Pokémon with a bit more flaws with some appealing tools to utilize.
Lower Mid a Pokémon with a lot of flaws with some appealing tools to utilize.
Low a Pokémon with a lot of flaws and few appealing tools to utilize.
Bottom a Pokémon with a lot of flaws and no appealing tools to utilize
Not Available a Pokémon that cannot be caught or obtained until Post-game
Criteria Description
Availability Based on how early and probable that the Pokemon is found in the game. A Pokemon found earlier and with little effort is often better than those found later in the game.
Typing A Pokemon’s typing can be critical for an efficient playthrough. How does the typing match-up work against the entire game?
Stats If a Pokemon has a Stat distribution that favors it’s Typing and Movepool it will often be higher on this tier list.
Movepool A Pokemon’s movepool (both Level-up and TMs) are crucial for a Pokemon.
Major Battles Major battles consist of Totem Pokemon, Kahunas, Team Skull, Aether Paradise, Rival encounters, and the Elite 4. A Pokemon that contributes to many major battles will often be seen higher than those that do not.

Top Tier Pokémon

These Pokémon are to be considered the best catch in Sun and Moon due to their great typing, move and uses.

[IMG] [IMG]  [IMG]
Magikarp Magnemite Wingull

High Tier Pokémon

These Pokémon are very useful and versatile and often are the core of every Pokémon team in Sun and Moon.

Cutiefly Dewpider Diglett
Fletchling Gastly (Gengar) Grimer
Growlithe Lunala Magby (Magmortar)
Makuhita Mankey Mudbray
Munchlax Poliwag (Politoed) Poliwag (Poliwrath)
Popplio Psyduck Salandit
Solgaleo Staryu Stufful
Tentacool Wishiwashi Zubat
Zygarde (50%)    

Mid Tier Pokémon

These Pokémon are interesting but unfortunately easily replaceable by a Pokémon from upper tier. As expected, this Tier has a lot of entries.

Upper Mid Mid Lower Mid
Abra Aerodactyl Absol
Comfey Archen Bagon
Drifloon Bonsly Barboach
Eevee (Espeon) Bounsweet Beldum
Eevee (Vaporeon) Caterpie Cubone
Elekid (Electivire) Chinchou Dhelmise
Elekid (No Trade) Cranidos Drampa
Geodude (Golem) Drowzee Eevee (Leafeon)
Kangaskhan Eevee (Flareon) Exeggcute
Litten Eevee (Jolteon) Granbull
Machop (Trade) Eevee (Sylveon) Grubbin
Magby (No Trade) Eevee (Umbreon) Jangmo-o
Meowth Gabite Morelull
Miltank Gastly (No Trade) Murkrow
Mimikyu Klefki Oricorio
Minior Komala Paras
Misdreavous Lapras Rattata
Vulpix Lillipup Sableye
Pichu Machop (No Trade) Sharpedo
Pancham Oranguru Shellder
Passimian Petilil Shieldon
Pikipek Phantump (Trade) Wimpod
Rowlett Pinsir Yungoos
Sandile Rockruff
Sandshrew Sandygast
Skarmory Spearow
Slowpoke Surskit
Tauros Tirtouga
Torkoal Togedemaru
Turtonator Trapinch
Zygarde (10% Form)

Low, Bottom and Not Available Tier

The worst of the worst, in terms of efficiency. You want to stay clear from these Pokémon in the wild and waste close to zero Pokéballs on them.

Low Tier Bottom Tier Not Available
Alomomola Delibird Buzzwole
Boldore Ditto Celesteela
Bruxish Eevee (Glaceon) Emolga
Carbink Feebas Guzzlord
Castform Happiny Kartana
Cleffa Ledyba Magearna
Corsola Luvdisc Necrozma
Cottonee Pyukumuku Nihilego
Crabrawler Smeargle Pheromosa
Dratini Spinda Porygon
Finneon Riolu
Fomantis Scyther
Gastrodon Scyther
Goldeen Snorunt (Froslass)
Goomy Tapu Bulu
Igglybuff Tapu Fini
Mareanie Tapu Koko
Nosepass Tapu Lele
Phantump (No Trade) Type: Null
Relicanth Xurkitree

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