Best Legacy Moves for PvP

If you’ve ever participated in one of Silph Arena’s Monthly Cups, like the most recent Kingdom Cup, or even tried to be a little more competitive with the PvP you know the struggle with Legacy moves. While some Pokémon are useless without their Legacy moves, having these moves can be an excellent addition for battle.

This article will help you find out what Legacy moves you should keep for possible future Silph Arena Cups or regular PvP battles.

Best Legacy Moves for Master League

While most of the article will be about Pokémon and Legacy Moves for Great League (and also Ultra League), let’s first mention five moves you should keep, not only for the Master League, but for Raiding, Gym Battles, and everything else.

Pokémon Fast Moves Charge Moves
Mewtwo Shadow Ball Ghost
Metagross Meteor Mash Steel
Tyranitar Smack Down Rock
Zapdos Thunder Shock Electric
Gengar Shadow Claw Ghost

Best Legacy Moves from Community Days

We all know Community Days bring out great exclusive moves, quite often one of the best moves for PvP. Here is the list of Legacy Moves from Community Days you have to have on your Pokémon to be useable for competitive PvP.

Pokémon Fast Moves Charge Moves
Venusaur Frenzy Plant Grass
Charizard Blast Burn Fire
Blastoise Hydro Cannon Water
Meganium Frenzy Plant Grass
Typhlosion Blast Burn Fire
Feraligatr Hydro Cannon Water

Legacy Moves for some of the Best PvP Pokémon

The next couple of Pokémon are those that are always at the top of the list when talking about the best Pokémon for PvP. Some moves are just a great addition to your team, while others give you great versatility. But, if you have any of these Pokémon with these moves, you should hold on to them.

Pokémon Fast Moves Charge Moves
Machamp Cross Chop Fighting
Politoed Earthquake Ground
Lapras Ice Shard Ice Ice Beam Ice
Magneton Thunder Shock Electric Discharge Electric
Hypno Psyshock Psychic

Shadow Ball Ghost

Poliwrath Mud Shot Ground

Legacy Moves to Keep In Just Case

Even though this next bunch of Pokémon aren’t currently the best in PvP, they might be more than useful in a future Silph Arena Cup. Here is the list of Pokémon with their Legacy moves you should definitely hold on to.

Pokémon Fast Moves Charge Moves
Primeape Cross Chop Fighting
Snorlax Body Slam Normal
Dragonite Dragon Breath Dragon Dragon Claw Dragon
Dewgong Ice Shard Ice Icy Wind Ice
Ninetales Flamethrower Fire
Raichu Thunder Shock Electric
Dugtrio Mud Shot Ground
Kabutops Fury Cutter Bug
Gyarados Dragon Breath Dragon
Pinsir Fury Cutter Bug
Omastar Rock Slide Rock
Blaziken Stone Edge Rock
Pidgeot Wing Attack Flying
Venomoth Bug Bite Bug Poison Fang Poison
Golem Mud Shot Ground Ancient Power Rock

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