Pokémon GO Fantasy Cup: Nifty Or Thrifty Guide

The “Nifty Or Thrifty” article series takes a comprehensive look at the meta for PvP Cup formats: the Great League iteration of Fantasy Cup, in this case. As is typical for the NoT series, I’ll cover not only the top meta picks, but also some mons where you can save some dust with cheaper second move unlock costs or less powering up, though there aren’t many things that fall into the truly “thrifty” category in this one, I’m sorry to say!

As per usual, we’ll start with Pokémon with the cheapest second move unlock cost and steam ahead until we finally arrive at the most expensive (Legendaries and some high XL options). As underfortunately, as I hinted above, there are very few truly thrifty options here, with only two 10k Pokémon to be found in the Top 30… and one of those IS #30. I will also only be highlighting the even more expensive Shadow versions when they’re particularly relevant, though many are worse, and that’s what you can generally infer if I don’t talk about them.

First, a brief summary of the meta:


  • Great League, 1500 CP limit.
  • Only Dragon-, Fairy-, and Steel-type Pokémon are allowed to be used.
  • No other restrictions. Legendaries, Mythicals, and Ultra Beasts are a-okay (and several are, indeed, top meta picks).

That out of the way, let’s dive in!

10,000 Dust/25 Candy

LUCARIO (Baby Discount™)

Lucario FightingSteel

Counter | Power-Up Punch & Shadow Ball/Blaze Kick

In a meta made up entirely of Steel, Dragon, and Fairy types, here’s a specimen that resists Steel and Dragon, takes neutral from Fairy, deals steady super effective damage to opposing Steels, AND has a big fat closing move resisted by basically nothing in the meta. Lucario still has definite — even glaring — flaws, but it wins more than it loses, though the vast majority of its wins come against other Steels, with all the other good going for it amounting to only a handful of actual wins over Dragons (Flygon and Dragonite/Dragonair, mostly) and, if you’re fortunate, Tapu Fini. That is, if you run traditional Shadow Ball/Power-Up Punch… and get the baits right. You do now have the option of Blaze Kick, which normally is an odd an less desireable choice in Luc’s varied movepool, but in this meta, Fire is quite potent, and Blaze Kick looks interesting too. It finally gives Lucario a way to potentially fell Fantasy Cup nemesis Escavalier (if it lands Blaze at the right time). Overall I do still lean Shadow Ball, but it’s nice to have more options for the opponent to think about now.


Altaria DragonFlying

Dragon Breath | Sky Attack & Moonblastᴸ/Dragon Pulse

Just goes out and does its thing in a workmanlike performance. Altaria beats most fellow Dragons (including Dragonite, Shadow Dragonair, Flygon, Haxorus, Turtonator and many others), as well as Lucario, Escavalier, and Ferrothorn thanks to Sky Attack dealing big neutral damage to all three, and even takes down Empoleon despite dealing all resisted damage. It’s nothing earth shattering, but as you’ll see as we go through this analysis, achieving even a 50% win percentage is not particularly easy in Fantasy Cup.


Clefable Fairy

Fairy Wind | Meteor Mash & Moonblast

Dragons hate it (Clefable beats ALL of them except sometimes Turtonator), and even most Fairies fall before Clefable and its Meteor Mashing. (A few Fairies outlast it if they throw both shields at Clefable, but otherwise it’s just Tapu Fini, Wigglytuff, and Steels that sometimes outlast it.) The big issue, of course, is Steels, as they resist everything Clefable has to throw at them. This holds it in check against the core meta (more than half of which are Steel types). It DOES manage to beat Escavalier, which is actually pretty remarkable for a Fairy, so there is that!


Wigglytuff NormalFairy

Charm | Icy Wind & Disarming Voice

Wiggly is probably the best overall Charmer here, as you can tell by the overall wins/losses, but has the same problems as Clefable, only perhaps even MORE compounded. It can’t beat Escavalier, and is a bit less consistent versus opposing Fairies (losing to Carbink, Shadow A-Ninetales, and Galarian Weezing in addition to the Tapu Fini and Mawile Clefable loses to), though it does still take down all Dragons except fiery Turtonator. One area where it DOES blow past Clefable is in 2v2 shielding, able to now grind down Turtonator, Tapu Fini, Escavalier, Excadrill, and even Shadow Mawile. Icy Wind makes Wiggly a Charmer that just gets better and better the longer the match grinds on, so keep shields for it if you want to see it at its best.


Primarina WaterFairy

Charm | Disarming Voice & Moonblast/Psychic

Comes with a handy resistance to Fire and Water damage and neutrality to Steel, which makes Tapu Fini and Fire Fang Mawile the standout wins here, and it comes OH so close to outlasting even Turtonator in a battle of neutral beatdowns. Otherwise it’s little different from other Charmers, and actually fares quite a bit worse versus opposing Fairies (losing to Wiggly, Clefable, Whimsicott, Dedenne, and basically everything Wiggly and Clef to except for Tapu Fini). As with the others, Primadonna is mostly just a role player. And yes, unlike in Ultra League Fantasy Cup, Waterfall is probably getting too cute.


Whimsicott GrassFairy

Charm/Fairy Wind | Seed Bomb & Moonblast

And here we have the same resistance to Water, and an added resistance to Electric and Grass, but now a weakness to Fire. In the end, that looks like this: beats Azumarill (though interestingly NOT Fini) and Ferrothorn and Lucario along with the expected Dragons (with Charm), or drops Luc to take down Fini instead with Fairy Wind.


Empoleon WaterSteel

Waterfall | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Drill Peck

I mention it because it’s commonly viewed (and ranked) as a key part of the meta, but I gotta say, I’m really not sure about that. If you absolutely need to wash away things like Galarian Stunfisk, Bastiodon, and Skarmory, then sure, Empie can do it. But it really can’t do much else.

Aggron RockSteel Wormadam (Trash) BugSteel

Similarly specialized is AGGRON, who can take down a handful of Dragons (including Turtonator) with Dragon Tail while resisting much of the damage coming back, even potentially beating Counter Haxorus, which is nice. But other than a couple Dragons and Skarmory, it just flops against the rest of the meta…. TRASHADAM is one I always look at in metas like this, but here, it really IS trash.

50,000 Dust/50 Candy


Azumarill WaterFairy

Bubble | Ice Beam & Play Rough

One big change in going from Ultra League Fantasy Cup to Great League is the addition of Azumarill to the meta. It’s a big curveballBubble handles all the Ground and Rock types (except Bastiodon and Probopass), Ice Beam is sufficient for all non-Steel Flyers, and it and Play Rough combine to beat ALL the Dragons. Azu even takes down most of its fellow Fairies, with only Wiggly, Clefable, Dedenne, Whimsicott, and a few you’ll never actually see (Comfey, Floette) escaping. Heck, it even slays several big name Steels like Mawile, Perrserker (well, one run with standard moves, at least… more on that later!), Lucario, and all the Steely Bugs and Darks. Azumarill has A LOT of play here.


Ninetales (Alola) IceFairy

Powder Snow/Charm | Weather Ball (Ice) & Dazzling Gleam/Psyshock/Blizzard

For the most part, A-Tails does what you would expect. CharmTales operates as a rather standard Charmer, though resisting Azumarill’s Ice Beam gives it a leg up there. Powder Snow, however, has some interesting edge cases to consider. Standard PowderTales with Dazzling Gleam is fine enough, getting several Dragons and Grounds (even Excadrill) as you would expect, as well as Ferrothorn. But two twists with Shadow + A-Tails: Psyshock actually overpowers Lucario too, or Blizzard, of all things, swaps out Excadrill for Galarian Stunfisk and even manages to take down Turtonator and its terrifying Incinerate. How about that for a surprise? Guarantee the opponent would never see it coming!


Shiinotic GrassFairy

Astonish | Seed Bomb & Moonblast/Sludge Bomb

Part of the reason I’ve been doing this whole PvP Analyst/Writer thing so long — and that keeps me coming back — is digging out gems that are FAR off peoples’ radar. Things that can have their shining moment in the sun and help players find fun and success with completely bonkers Pokémon you would NEVER expect to ever find success. In this meta, Shiinotic is one such Pokémon. Grass in general is decent with several important Water, Ground, and Rock types in the meta, but I guarantee the vast majority of your opponents will have NO idea what charge moves to expect if you’re brave (foolish? 😅 take your pick) to trot Shii out there, so it’s nice that it has some genuinely great ones to throw out there. The fact that it outperforms Whimsicott is pretty crazy.

Comfey Fairy

And for that matter, just in this one silly meta, even COMFEY may actually be viable for the few of you who have it, though Draining Kiss is a pretty lousy move that really holds it back.


Florges Fairy

Fairy Wind/Vine Whip | Disarming Voice & Petal Blizzard/Moonblast

And on that same note, Florges’ Grass moves are worth consideration here too. Because while an all-Fairy Florges is fine and dandy, it is only with Vine Whip and/or Petal Blizzard that Florges reliably adds on Azumarill, Empoleon, and even Excadrill, though notably at the cost of giving up Lucario.


Dedenne ElectricFairy

Thunder Shock | Discharge & Play Rough

I mean, yes, it works. But it’s kind of disappointing to see that Dee Dee requires a higher Attack stat to reliably overcome Tapu Fini. For an Electric type, that’s kiiiiiiiind of a yikes. I suppose it’s worth noting, though, that if you REALLY crank up the Attack, you can beat Registeel too. So there’s that.


Weezing (Galarian) PoisonFairy

Fairy Wind | Overheat & Sludge/Brutal Swing

As I’ve mentioned before (and will again later!), Fire is a big deal in this meta, particularly for Fairies as a great answer to Steel types, so proper application of Overheat is key to G-Weeze’s success… you can’t beat things like Skarmory, Mawile, Ferrothorn, A-Slash, or Escavalier without it. (But the fact that you CAN beat all those makes G-Weeze uniquely potent among Fairies!) After that, it’s kind of a choice of strong neutral coverage with Brutal Swing (which can grind down and overcome Registeel), or Sludge for anti-Fairy tech (uniquely beating Azumarill and Tapu Fini, for example). The choice is yours… and both can work quite well here.


Slurpuff Fairy

Fairy Wind | Flamethrower & Energy Ball/Play Rough

The best of both worlds? You have Fire to threaten Steels (and beat many, like Excadrill, Escavalier, Lucario, Ferrothorn, Mawile, and A-Slash) and potentially Grass with Energy Ball to hammer Waters in particular (though disappointingly, you still lose to Tapu Fini). It is worth noting that you do still beat the same things with Play Rough instead and ratchet up the pressure on Dragons, so either way is valid. Slurpie was really good in Ultra League Fantasy Cup for the same reasons, but had to be maxed out. Here, however, it’s MUCH more affordable. Enjoy!


Granbull (Shadow) Fairy

Snarl/Charm | Close Combat & Play Rough/Crunch

I mean, sure, you CAN run it as a Charmer, but if I were to try it out in this meta, it would be with Snarl, racing to big Close Combats to pick off stuff like Escavalier, Bastiodon, Ferrothorn, Mawile, Magnezone, and of course Galarian Stunfisk. You know… a number of things the opponent would be likely to “safe” swap into a Charmer. 😈 I assumed Play Rough would be the way to go as a second move, but instead it would seem Crunch may still be better to outrace Dragonair, Dragonite, and Haxorus. Super frail, but this is still some NICE spice potential. 🌶️


Rapidash (Galarian) PsychicFairy

Fairy Wind | Body Slam & High Horsepower/Megahorn

Another one that can flip the script on Steels thanks to High Horsepower, specifically taking out Mawile, Empoleon, and even Bastiodon that way, while Body Slam and Fairy Wind handle things like Lucario (double resisting Fighting is a big factor, of course), Tapu Fini, and several big Dragons, including even Turtonator! You CAN run Megahorn rather than HH to drop Steels and instead overpower stuff like Shadow Flygon and Escavalier, but… for my money, give me the unique reach of High Horsepower in Fantasy Cup. ℧


Togetic FairyFlying

Steel Wingᴸ/Fairy Wind | Aerial Ace & Dazzling Gleam

LOTS of Fairies among the 50ks! Wrapping it up with Togetic, whose schtick is being half-Flying, and with a now-decent Flying move in Aerial Ace, which gives it handy wins over Ferrothorn, Escavalier, and Lucario in addition to standard Fairy duties. Maybe not overly exciting, but certainly viable. But hold up, that’s only considering current moves. If you happen to have Legacy Steel Wing, Togetic can do all that AND beat Azumarill and Tapu Fini. Now that IS exciting!


Escavalier BugSteel

Counter | Drill Run & Aerial Ace

Speaking of Aerial Ace, Escavalier looks best with Ace rather than the customary Megahorn in this meta, winning not only the mirror match straight up, but also outracing Dragonair (regular and Shadow) and Flygon, whereas Horn is just too slow (and is also resisted by Fairies). Drill Run is absolutely critical too for its ability to double up with Counter and finish off a number of Steels like G-Fisk and Regi, so don’t get cute thinking you can go with it. Drill and Ace provide near-perfect coverage in Fantasy Cup.


Sandslash (Alola) IceSteel

Powder Snow/Shadow Clawᴸ | Drill Run & Blizzard/Ice Punch

I know, I know. You’re looking at the recommended moves and saying “JRE, what is Blizzard doing in this discussion?” I know people will just run it with the standard Ice Puinch anyway, and sure, that’s fine. But I would be a bad analyst to NOT point out that Blizzard CAN, played properly, do all of that AND overcome Skarmory and sometimes overwhelm even Azumarill too. I also lean (albeit slightly) towards Powder Snow over Shadow Claw in this meta. While Claw has wider neutral matchups (and makes Azumarill much easier), it’s hard to ignore the hurt that Powder Snow applies to Dragons and/or Ground types, dragging Flygon comfortably inside the win column and generally seeming just better overall, despite the Steels and such that resist it. That’s what Drill Run is for, after all!


Excadrill GroundSteel

Mud Shot | Drill Run & Rock Slide

Speaking of Drill Run, yes, I do think that at least in Fantasy Cup, Excadrill still wants it rather than Scorching Sands, as it just needs all the speed and heavy pressure it can get, so Drill being 5 energy cheaper has more value overall than the chance to lower the opponent’s Attack that comes with Sands. (your mileage may vary, and I won’t say Sands is wrong by any means, but Drill Run better outraces things like Flygon and Alolan Sandslash where Sands can fall short.) The real question is what to run with Drill Run. I dove into the differences between Rock SlideIron Head, and even running double Ground with Earthquake or even Sands… and in the end, I think it’s still Rock Slide that wins out. You give up any shot at Flyers like Dragonite without it, and it’s also able to take down things like Skarmory in 0shield. Usually it’s just Drill Run to victory, but I think in those rare times that that won’t cut it, Rock Slide just gives you the most options.


Magnezone ElectricSteel

Volt Switch | Mirror Shot & Wild Charge

It’s actually not fantastic in this meta, but still a potent wild card that obviously dominates Waters and Flyers and flexes its resistances to overcome Ferrothorn, Bastiodon, A-Slash, and several Dragons despite dealing no better than neutral (and often even resisted) damage. Non-Shadow can even overcome scary Escavalier, which has me lean ever so slightly away from ShadowZone. As much as I like TOGEDEMARU in general, Zone is just better here. (Maru can also beat Escav, but not Ferrothorn, Dragonair, or Bastie like Zone can.)


Perrserker Steel

Shadow Claw | Close Combat & Trailblaze

The absolute key is to NOT run it as you would normally with Foul Play, but to swap in the new Trailblaze instead, which beats all the same stuff PLUS Azumarill, Tapu Fini, and even Galarian Stunfisk (in that last case, by buffing Perrserker’s Attack before finishing with a buffed Close Combat before G-Fisk can reach the Earthquake it needs). THESE are the sort of unexpected gems I LOVE to find as I dig into these metas! 💪


Dragalge PoisonDragon

Dragon Tail | Aqua Tail & Gunk Shot/Outrage

Keeping this one simple, Dragon Tail and Aqua Tail do most of the work, which includes Turtonator and actually most other Dragons in the meta, as well as Lucario, Magnezone, and even Ferrothorn (thanks more to its resistances than dealing great, overpowering damage or anything). My second move recommendation is Gunk Shot, as it can at least beat Azumarill and scare Fairies in general to death.

75,000 Dust/75 Candy


Turtonator FireDragon

Incinerate | Overheat & Dragon Pulse

I keep mentioning it, so I feel compelled to lead off the 75ks with it. No, it is not without flaws, but it has a very unique and potent role in this meta. Fire just blows a lot of things away in Fantasy Cup, with a number of top meta options (Escavalier, Ferrothorn, Alolan Sandslash) being double weak to it, with them and a number of other things falling to just Incinerate alone (to include Registeel, Lucario, Mawile, Magnezone, and even Excadrill). It DOES sometimes need extra damage from charge moves to outrace some things like Skarmory, but generally it’s just Incinerate to win and pocket a TON of energy to throw at whatever follows. It has to avoid heavy Water or Rock damage, and ironically loses to most other Dragons, but nothing else in this meta can do what Turtonator does. I’m curious to see how many people have one ready to rock. 🔥


Ferrothorn GrassSteel

Bullet Seed | Power Whip & Mirror Shot

Also somewhat unique in this meta is Ferrothorn. Obviously slices through Waters and Grounds like nobody’s business, with Mirror Shot helping ensure wins versus Flygon and even Magnezone. It resists Dragon damage but struggles to actually finish off many of the big name ones besides Dragonair, so it has more of a niche role with a little safe swap upside.


Mawile SteelFairy

Fire Fang | Power-Up Punch & Iron Head

And speaking of unique, we have Fire Fang Mawile, who burns through many of the same things as Turtonator, but flexes an extra resistance to Dragon damage and thus can occasionally swipe a few of them better than Turt. The difference between non-Shadow and Shadow Mawile is that non-Shadow better outlasts Registeel and Shadow is more reliable in beating Skarmory.


Skarmory SteelFlying

Steel Wing | Sky Attack & Brave Bird

Speaking of Skarmory, yes, it’s a big deal hereSteel Wing allowing it to cleanly overcome Azumarill and Alolan Sandslash is HUGE, and is also much better knocks over many Dragons now too. (These include Dragonair and Haxorus, which it couldn’t even beat before, as well as better wins versus Dragonite and Flygon.) Add that to already-existing wins over Ferrothorn, Tapu Fini, Escavalier, and Excadrill, and Skarmory’s spot in the meta is assured.


Bastiodon RockSteel

Smack Down | Stone Edge & Flamethrower

It still has its fans that WILL use it, even though it’s not as scary here as it may be elsewhere. Fire users don’t like it, Flyers HATE it, and Bastie grinds down Ferrothorn and even Azumarill too. And there are teams that will value that and make good use of Bastie, sure. But overall… as my kids would say, it seems a little mid.


Carbink RockFairy

Rock Throw | Rock Slide & Moonblast

Also not great here, but at least it’s better than Bastie? Whiffs on Skarmory and Azumarill that Bastiodon can beat, but handles its role otherwise and also takes down Tapu Fini and Counter users Haxorus, Lucario, and Escavalier. I mean, if I had to pick between the two, it’s Carbink over Bastie easily, but that’s me.


Stunfisk (Galarian) GroundSteel

Mud Shot | Rock Slide & Earthquake

Keep Bastie and Binkie far away from G-Fisk, though! It shreds them both, along with plenty else, to the surprise of exactly nobody. This includes most Steels (Skarm, Regi, Mawile, Zone, Shadow A-Slash, Empoleon, etc.), as well as many notable Dragons like Flygon, Dragonite and Dragonair, and yes, Turtonator. But you know all this already, I imagine. Sometimes extra analysis isn’t really needed! 🤷‍♂️


Flygon GroundDragon

Dragon Tail/Mud Shot | Dragon Claw & Scorching Sands

Several good ways to go here. Non-Shadow Flygon works pretty equally well with either Mud Shot or Dragon Tail, the former burying Escavalier, Lucario, and (Shadow Claw) Alolan Sandslash, and Tail instead beating down Dragonair, Dragonite, and Mud Shot Flygons. Shadow Flygon works best with Mud Shot, beating all the stuff non-Shadow Mud Shot Flygon can except Ferrothorn, but PLUS Galarian Stunfisk. I call that an overall upgrade myself.


Forretress BugSteel

Bug Bite | Mirror Shot & Earthquake

Like many things, it doesn’t hit a 50% winrate versus the meta, but it has a role. For one thing, the ONLY thing that deals super effective damage to Steely Bugs like it is Fire, so Forret has play against most everything. Specifically it can chew through things like Ferrothorn, Tapu Fini, A-Slash, G-Fisk, and most Dragons, most of which don’t resist Bug, Steel, OR Ground damage. It’s rarely going to blow anything out, but it’s rarely a tough out either.


Haxorus Dragon

Counter | Breaking Swipeᴸ & Surf

Yes, it has criminally been humbled with the nerf to Breaking Swipe thanks to stupid Steelix, but at least for one more week, Haxorus is still here to roarCounter for the Steels, Surf for the Grounds and Turtonator, and Swipe for general mayhem. You can look over the list of wins yourself, but it’s quite impressive. About its only shortcomings are Fairies, a handful of Dragons, and sometimes Skarmory. Hax is good in Fantasy Cup even still, folks.


Kommo-o DragonFighting Hakamo-o DragonFighting

Dragon Tail | Dragon Claw & Close Combat/Brick Break

Both are good. Kommo with Close Combat can finish off Registeel, Mawile, Empoleon, and even Dragonite, while Hakamo and Brick Break better outaces Lucario, Excadrill, and Shadow Dragonair. You’re gonna see a decent number of them both, for sure.


Dragonite DragonFlying

Dragon Breath | Dragon Claw & Superpower

I actually like non-Shadow more than Shadow, as it can outlast Lucario, Galarian Stunfisk, and Dragonair. But the pressure any form of Dragonite brings is undeniable.


Dragonair (Shadow) Dragon

Dragon Breath | Body Slam & Aqua Tail

On the flipside, I think I slightly favor Shadow over non-Shadow here, as Shadow can overcome Bastiodon and better contend with Dragonite, while non-Shadow better handles Fire Fang Mawile. But either way, this is a good generalist with very nice neutral coverage.


Zweilous DarkDragon

Dragon Breath | Body Slam & Dark Pulse

Similar but different? Zweil can beat both Dragonite AND Dragonair, and also stuff they can’t match like Ferrothorn, Magnezone, and Excadrill, but suffers losses to Escavalier, Bastiodon, and Mawile instead. Pick your pleasure?


Arctibax DragonIce

Dragon Breath | Avalanche & Dragon Claw

And again, a lot of similarities here, with Arctibax also nabbing Ferrothorn, Magnezone, and both Dragonair and Dragonite (though not usually Zweilous), but whiffing on Bastie, Escavalier, Mawile, and Excadrill.

Gabite DragonGround Shelgon Dragon

GABITE and SHELGON come with Fire moves and can be disruptive too, though their second charge moves are pretty iffy.

100,000 Dust/100 Candy

It’s not that the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon aren’t good, it’s just that I’m running out of space (and your brain likely is too!), so I’ll go through these expensive options in rapid fire style!

Registeel Steel
  • REGISTEEL does its thing here as always. It has some pretty hard counters, but… yeah. You’re gonna see a lot of it. I’m sorry, even if Niantic isn’t. shakes fist Big dumb doorbell.
Tapu Fini WaterFairy
  • If you have one at 1500 or less CP, TAPU FINI is a fine alternative to Azumarill, the main differences being that Azu beats Fini head to head and blows out many Dragons far more effectively than Fini, though Fini gets nice unique wins against Bastiodon and much more consistently against Alolan Sandslash and Galarian Stunfisk.
Melmetal Steel
  • Don’t forget about MELMETAL here! Not seeing many folks mention it, but it has a very nice mix of moves for this meta that can tangle with nearly everything outside of Grounds, Fighting, and Fire.
Zygarde (Fifty_Percent) DragonGround
  • Still building your 100% Zygarde? Good news! 50% ZYGARDE is just fine here, letting you get some use out of it while you keep on building. So that’s nice!
Guzzlord DarkDragon
  • GUZZLORD is a potentially better Zweilous if you have one… and beats Zweil head to head too. Nice!

Alright, the Cup has arrived, so gonna wrap it up right there. As always, I hope this is a help in understanding not just the top meta picks, but also some fun and potent alternatives to make this FUN. This is a game after all, right? 😄

Until next time, you can always find me on Twitter for regular GO analysis nuggets, or Patreon. And please, feel free to comment here with your own thoughts or questions and I’ll try to get back to you!

Thank you for reading! I sincerely hope this helps you master Fantasy Cup in Great League, and in the most affordable way possible. Best of luck, and catch you next time, Pokéfriends!

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