Moltres, the first Legendary encounter – Better understanding the research breakthrough!

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Today, most trainers will be finally put their hands on their first Research Breakthrough, even though some thrifty trainers managed to do it a day earlier (which we do not recommend, see here). The first Legendary encounter, which had already been confirmed, is the Legendary Moltres!

Early observations indicate that:

  • Moltres seemingly cannot flee. Some trainers have reported using over 50 Pokéballs, and still being able to continue attempting to catch the fiery bird. We suggest being bold and going for the Pinap berry;
  • You cannot run from Moltres (scary, right?). Tapping Run in the top left corner, will keep the encounter in your Research. You can return to the encounter at any time;
  • Moltres’s shiny model is not reported, sadly;
  • You are able to use any berry and ball combination unlike raid encounters, which should make the capture easier.

Other rewards along Moltres are as indicated in the infographic below.

Credits to CoupleOfGaming

As ShinyhunterLiam reported yesterday, we already knew that Moltres is Level 15, which is not ideal for players with limited Stardust, but it’s still a Moltres! We suggest you read our Should You Spend Stardust on Gen 1 Legendaries? guide for a comprehensive breakdown of how future proof they are for Stardust investments.

One thing that we cannot yet confirm is whether or not the Legendary encounter can be affected by the weather or if its IVs can go lower than 10 /10 /10. We urge you to complete the survey below and share it with your community, your parents, your pets, etc. so that we can quickly provide you with a potential theory on the mechanics of Research Breakthrough rewards.


There is a lot more to uncover about Research Breakthroughs. Will we see a different Pokémon after Moltres? Will Niantic introduce a rotation between Legendaries for the Legendary encounters? One thing is certain, quests are awesome!

As for Field Research quests’ rewards, there is still a lot to uncover, so please provide us with your quests’ rewards here!

Useful reminder:
Level 15 Moltres IVs range from 1222 CP to 1402 CP.

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