Introducing the Pokémon GO Backpack: one hell of a backpack!

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we’ve recently came across a great Kickstarter campaign ran by Louis Tsai. Louis managed to create, in our humble opinion, the perfect backpack for Pokémon Go players and an amazing backpack overall!

The GO Backpack is “a smart and flexible backpack designed around the everyday workflow of Pokémon trainers” and we tend to agree. Pokémon hunting aside, this backpack has some incredibly good quality of life features!

Here’s a short list of things we really liked:

  • Organizers, lots of organizers and pockets
  • Multiple cable exit spots, making it easy to charge a phone or connect headphones.
  • Laptop padding – something that many backpacks are missing
  • Headset holder and lower back pocket – that’s a lot of utility and smart design!

GO Hub is not paid to review this backpack. We just liked it so much we decided to cover it.

A really great backpack

GO Backpack is a really great backpack, hands down. It’s height is amazing, the amount of storage it boasts is impressive and the amount of attention to details is just insane. It even has side carry handles, for both left and right handed carry.

Insulated, padded pockets, A TON of pockets, zips and ties to organise everything. It has enough space to store your, tablet, notebook, drone, camera and two water bottles. Also, the “big bottom pocket” can hold a pair of running shoes if needed.

This is not a small backpack, but it’s amazing.

Forget Pokémon GO, this is the ultimate best buy backpack you can get for $60! For that price, there is very few comparable backpacks that offer the same amount of storage, utility and features.

The only downside for the backpack it’s not 100% waterproofbut it is weather resistant, meaning it will protect your belongings during rain. However, it will not protect them if you try swimming or diving with it.

GO Backpack pictures

Big Bottom Pocket – bring your training shoes to the gym

If you play for NBA, your shoes probably won't fit.
If you play for NBA, your shoes probably won’t fit.


Big Bottom Pocket – can also be dirty laundry pocket when you travel

Gradually replace the inner volume from clean clothes to dirty laundry.
Gradually replace the inner volume from clean clothes to dirty laundry.

Padded Laptop Pocket – 360 degrees padded laptop compartment

Fits up to 15in laptop
Fits up to 15in laptop

Padded Slip Pocket – lined with fleece to protect screen

For tablet or notebook
For tablet or notebook

360 view

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