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Trainers, it’s not often that we are graced with more than one box sale for Community Day! Of course, it could be that we are in the valley between two events. Battle Showdown ended just a few days ago, and code is being shifted around in the game master file for what many expect to be the return of Adventure Week (not confirmed yet, so hold onto your Pokébags).

That being said, you came for the breakdown on the boxes. Let’s dig into it!

Item Community Day Box Great Ultra
Super Incubators 2 6 10
Lucky Eggs 6 8 22
Star Pieces 6
Ultra Balls 30 30 30
Incense 8
Premium Raid Pass 10
Price 480 780 1480
Box Value Analysis
Super Incubators (200 each) 400 1200 2000
Lucky Eggs (50 each) 300 400 1100
Star Pieces (50 each) 300
Ultra Balls (bonus)
Incense (50 each) 400
Premium Raid Pass (100 each) 1000
Total Value 1000 2000 4100
Total Savings 52% 61% 64%

Our Verdict

Community Day Box

This box is perfect for those looking to make the most out of their Community Day experience without breaking the bank. It will keep any Trainer going for the three hours and even allow for some egg hatching! And those Star Pieces are nice for any Stardust hoarders out there. You know who you are.

Great Box

If you’re looking to make the most out of the day and then some, this box is a great choice for the Trainer looking to keep hunting even when the main festivities are over. If you’re looking to hatch some eggs today and tomorrow, and increase spawn rates, then this is the best choice (for those who may not want to spend too much money on the game.) However, this box is dwarfed by it’s bigger sibling…

Ultra Box

This behemoth is the best deal out there for any veteran or hardcore player. This box would be a done deal on Super Incubators alone, BUT you get enough Premium Raid Passes and Lucky Eggs to last you for weeks! Or a week. A few days? If you’re needing to hatch eggs, raid, or grind your way to level 40, then this box is perfect.


Niantic really seems to be hitting their groove with these boxes as of late. The sales increase with the bigger the box, and this case is no different. There is a different box to suit different play styles while appealing to everyone! For any raider or anyone fan of a mass evolution party, the Ultra Box is the way to go. For the more casual or every-other-other-day raider, the Community Day and Great Box are better options.

May your Charmander’s all be shiny and the appraisals high!

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