Pokémon Sleep: Awards Gift and Updates

To celebrate a trio of wins at Google Play Best of 2023, Pokémon Sleep is giving back to their researchers with a fantastic set of free gifts!

Pokémon Sleep Award Winner

Pokémon Sleep won three awards at the Google Play Best of 2023 Awards:

  • User’s Choice (JP)
  • Cute & Casual Category (JP)
  • Best Game for Good (US)

As a thank you, there will be a free gift in your account that contains the following:

  • Main Skill Seed ×1
  • Sleep point ×1,000
  • Poké Biscuit ×5

These are some fantastic premium rewards! To claim them:

  • Go to your Main Menu
  • Click the ‘Present’ box in the top right corner
  • Three gifts will be listed, collect all three!

A Main Skill Seed alone cost 1400 Sleep Points in the shop, it is a really valuable free gift, make sure you pick which Pokémon to use it on carefully.

Pokémon Sleep Updates

Bug Fixes

The whole screen freezing during Pokémon Evolution animations in some environments.

Some text and other displays showing up incorrectly after updating to version 1.0.11 in some environments.

Display bug examples:

  • Pokémon levels displayed as 35
  • Snorlax’s Strength displayed as 1,60
  • All Pokémon nicknames displayed as “Pikachu”
  • All item names displayed as “Handy Candy”
  • Numbers (such as number of items held) displayed incorrectly (0 or 999, etc.)
  • Some text displayed in foreign languages

Other Updates

  • Preparations to add new Pokémon.

Hype! More new Pokémon is always a good thing.

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