Pokémon Sleep: Which Eeveelution Should I Evolve to?

It is currently Eevee Week in Pokémon Sleep, meaning higher chances for Eevee and the various Eeveelutions to appear in your research! It also means a rise in the great question that Pokémon Sleep researchers love to ask online… which Eeveelution should I evolve my Eevee into?

Let’s take a look at the various evolutions, their evolution conditions, their individual berries and skills, and which you should prioritise depending on your Eevee.

How to Evolve the Eeveelutions Pokemon Encounter icon

The various evolutions of Eevee, also known as Eeveelutions, can be obtained in the following ways:

Pokémon Condition Evolution
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy and Water Stone Vaporeon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy and Thunder Stone Jolteon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy and Fire Stone Flareon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy, sleep for 150 hours, and evolve between 6am and 6pm Espeon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy, sleep for 150 hours, and evolve between 6pm and 6am Umbreon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy and Leaf Stone Leafeon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy and Ice Stone Glaceon
Eevee 80 Eevee Candy and sleep for 150 hours Sylveon

Eeveelution Skills, Berries and Ingredients Pokemon Encounter icon

Each Eeveelution also has their own Main Skill, as well as collecting different berries and ingredients. Main Skills can be boosted with Main Skill Seeds, so the below are their base skill levels.

Eeveelution Main Skill (base level) Berry Ingredients
Vaporeon Gets you 6 ingredients chosen at random. Oran Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Jolteon Instantly gets you x4 the usual help from a helper Pokémon. Grepa Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Flareon Gives your pot room for 7 more ingredients next time you cook. Leppa Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Espeon Increases Snorlax’s Strength by 880. Mago Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Umbreon Restores 12 Energy to the user. Wiki Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Leafeon Restores 14 Energy to another Pokémon chosen at random. Durin Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Glaceon Gives your pot room for 7 more ingredients next time you cook. Rawst Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage
Sylveon Restores 5 Energy to each helper Pokémon on your team. Pecha Berry
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Soothing Cacao
  • Bean Sausage

Which Eeveelution Should I Evolve into? Pokemon Encounter icon

While all the Eeveelutions have their own merit, there are some that are drastically better than others, and some sadly, that don’t have too much usage. We’ll start with the best two options, and go from there.


Sylveon is considered a top tier Eeveelution due to their Main Skill ability. Energy is incredibly important in Pokémon Sleep, and being able to restore Energy to ever member of your team is a fantastic skill. HOWEVER, we would advise you make sure that you have an Eevee with a Nature and skills that boost their Main Skill to be able to really optimise their usage. The Natures Careful and Sassy both have their Main Skill chance up, without having a negative impact on their helping speed or energy recovery. We wouldn’t recommend evolving an Eevee into Sylveon that has a Nature with their Main Skill down, as it really needs that to make it one of the most useful Eeveelutions. In terms of Sub Skills again, anything that boosts their Main Skill chances or level is brilliant, and if you can get a Gold Skill of ‘Helping Bonus’, you are onto a winner.


Espeon is considered the other top tier Eeveelution, and this is down to both their Main Skill, and their unusual Berry. Espeon collects the Mago Berry, which is quite rare. Ideally you will also want a skill based Eevee for this, with a Nature that boosts their Main Skill, so again, something like Careful or Sassy. It could also work as a Berry gatherer, so if you were lucky enough to get with the Gold Skill Berry Finding S, and you don’t have another Pokémon that collects Mago Berry, consider Espeon. It is a pretty quick Eeveelution, and will work well with Skill Level Up M. If you max out their Main Skill with the (costly) Main Skill Seeds, you can help Snorlax gain tremendous amounts of energy with each skill trigger!


Of the Eeveelutions, Jolteon is the quickest, and currently is the fastest Pokémon in game full stop! We’d recommend a Nature that boosts their speed further, without being detrimental to their ingredient finding, like Brave, Naughty or Lonely. Lonely does have Energy Recovery down, so is a last resort pick of those three. An Eevee with good support subskills, or Skill Trigger would be ideal. It does collect the same type of berries as the Pikachu family, and also needs a Thunder Stone to evolve like Raichu does, so unless you have one with a Nature and subskills that will make it a beast, it might be worth sticking to Raichu as Raichu is so overpowered in Sleep.


Flareon has a Main Skill that some may love, and others may prefer to avoid, as it gives you more room in your Cooking Pot for your next meal. With many researchers already finding it tricky to fill their Cooking Pot, having even more space in it may not be ideal. It has the preferred berry of the Snorlax at Taupe Hollow, and can have Milk as an ingredient, giving it a particular niche that you may want to fill, but it is quite a specific choice. If you are struggling with a Taupe Hollow team (I know I am!), an ingredient based, or even potentially an Eevee with the gold Berry Finding S subskill may work for that research island. A Nature that boosts their speed could be useful, even boosts their energy recovery. We’d avoid natures that drop their ingredient finding.


Vaporeon has the Ingredient Magnet S Main Skill, making it quite useful for helping to keep your ingredients inventory well stocked. Skills and natures that boost their Main Skill will be ideal, but it can also be utilised as a berry finding Pokémon, with Oran Berry being a preferred choice of the Snorlax on Cyan Beach. It may not be top tier, but it can definitely be a useful member of your team.


Umbreon restores energy to itself via their Main Skill, and has the Wiki Berry. It is the slowest of the Eeveelutions so considered by most to be one of the worst Eeveelutions, but it has some potential. Energy Recovery is vital in Pokémon Sleep, as the less energy your Pokémon has, the less it can collect. Having an Umbreon that can give itself energy back throughout the day, means it can collect more, for longer. If you can find an Eevee with the gold subskill Berry Finding S it could be a great addition to a team for Snowdrop Tundra as a berry collector. A nature that doesn’t take away any more speed would be preferred, with it already being so slow.


Glaceon, like Flareon, has the cooking pot increase skill, making it again, somewhat less useful than other Eeveelutions. It has the advantage of collecting Rawst Berry which Snorlax on Snowdrop Tundra wants, as well as being the only Ice type Pokémon that can find Cacao, which may come in handy for ingredients. It does compete with Umbreon for a spot at Snowdrop Tundra, as they both have ingredients preferred by that Snorlax, and given their Main Skills, Umbreon is a more useful Pokémon given a choice between the two. For Glaceon, look for subskills that boost energy recovery, or give a Helping Bonus for the whole team. If you have an Eevee with Berry Finding S as a gold subskill it could be a good berry finder for you, but we would still advise to go with Umbreon over Glaceon in this situation.


Sadly, Leafeon sits at the bottom of the ranking for Eeveelutions, as it doesn’t have a particularly desirable Main Skill. It restores 14 Energy to another Pokémon chosen at random, you have no choice in which team member it boosts, and when Sylveon can boost the whole squad, why would you pick Leafeon? With Durin Berry as their berry choice, they also don’t have an island currently that they are guaranteed to work with. While it may be a random choice on Greengrass Isle, it isn’t a great Berry choice. This may change in the future, but right now sadly, Leafeon is a Pokédex addition, rather than a must-have. If you love Leafeon and want to evolve to one, opt for an Eevee with energy recovery, or helping bonus subskills to make it more worthwhile. If in the future an Island is given Durin Berry as one of Snorlax’s preferred berries, then it may find more use.

Conclusion Pokemon Encounter icon

As you can see, some Eeveelutions have drastically more potential than others, with Sylveon and Espeon being the top two choices. The others have their uses depending on what particular niche you want them to fill, but those natures and subskills will matter in making the best of your Eevee. We hope you found this article helpful!

Oh, and of course, if you get a shiny Eevee and it doesn’t have the best skills for the Eeveelution you want… just evolve it into your favourite anyway!

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