Pokémon Sleep: Shiny Pokémon

Pokémon Sleep is a mobile app game that allows users to track their sleep, whilst researching different types of Pokémon for their Sleep Pokédex, and growing a Snorlax which is assigned to you each week.

Like most Pokémon games, you can get shiny Pokémon! Most Pokémon fans love to shiny hunt, so we’ll be sharing any methods you can use, unique aspects of shinies and more in this article. While there is no advantage to having a shiny Pokémon, they have no better stats and offer nothing bar an aesthetic colour change, there is nothing like getting one and being able to add it to your collection!

How to Get Shiny Pokémon

How do you get shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep? Unfortunately, the current answer is, mostly randomly! We would recommend one major thing to help in your hunt:

Maximise your Drowsy Power.

The higher your Drowsy Power, the higher your odds of more Pokémon appearing in your Sleep Research, as well as the chance of rarer Pokémon. While rare doesn’t necessarily mean shiny, the more Pokémon you see, the better your chances are.

What is Drowsy Power? Drowsy Power is what you are awarded each day after your Sleep Session. The higher the power, the more Pokémon can appear.

Your Snorlax’s Drowsy Power will vary each Sleep Session. Drowsy Power is calculated by multiplying your Snorlax Strength by your Sleep Score for the Sleep Session. This means as your week progresses and your Snorlax levels up, you’ll be able to see more Pokémon, and more variety in Pokémon.

Every Pokémon has the chance to be shiny, including evolved forms, and thankfully those more ‘subtle’ shinies, have been slightly adjusted to make them more noticeable. And they sparkle!

Shiny rates are not currently known, but seem to be fairly high compared to many other Pokémon games. Speculation is that they are similar to Pokémon GO, somewhere around 1 in 450-500.

How to Catch Shiny Pokémon

Now you may be worried about how to catch shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep, because it can require several biscuits, and sometimes Pokémon become full before you can maximise their friendship to add them to your team. But worry not!

Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep will always be hungry, and they only require a single biscuit to recruit them to your team. They always get a critical feed that maxes out their friendship, so you should never lose a shiny!

We would recommend using a single Poke Biscuit on them (if you have one), and saving your Bonus Biscuit for a different Pokémon as a result of this.

Some Pokémon can be trickier to tell if they are shiny, for example, Diglett and Dugtrio in their ‘underground’ style sleep, however after you have researched them and have progressed to the feeding stage of your research, they will be awake, and therefore above ground. Ditto will also transform back into it’s natural Ditto state, so will be easy to spot if shiny at this point.

Pokémon will sparkle when shiny, so if you aren’t sure about their shiny status, the sparkles will help. Subtle shinies like Igglybuff have been amped up slightly, with a more noticeable difference than you may expect. I’ll include a list of some of these further below with their sprites to help you identify shinies.

Shiny Snorlax

There is an incredibly rare chance each week that the Snorlax you are assigned to research can be shiny! Sadly you cannot catch this shiny Snorlax, and it will leave you at the end of the week, but it is a neat feature nonetheless.

Subtle Shinies in Pokémon Sleep

Some Pokémon are subtle, but Pokémon Sleep has worked hard to make those less obvious shinies more noticeable via colours and shading. Don’t forget, your shiny Pokémon will also be hungry!

Here are some of the more tricky shinies to spot:

  Regular Sprite Shiny Sprite

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