Pokémon Sleep: Recipe List

Pokémon Sleep is a long awaited mobile app game that allows users to track their sleep, whilst researching different types of Pokémon for their Sleep Pokédex, and growing a Snorlax which is assigned to you each week.

One major aspect of the game is the ability to cook for your Snorlax three times a day, for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Each Snorlax will request specific types of recipes, made using specific ingredients, and each will help your Snorlax grow in varying degrees. Your Helper Pokémon will collect these different ingredients for you, and more will unlock as you gain access to more Pokémon and level up.

There is an option to auto-cook which is well utilised as a beginner, but as you progress you will earn more Drowsy Power for your Snorlax by cooking these recipes and levelling them up.

Adding a new recipe to your Notes grants you 20 diamonds which can be spent in the in-game shop.

Each Helper Pokémon will collect specific Ingredients and Berries, which can be found in their Pokémon information.


Ingredient Image Description Base Strength
Bean Sausage A healthy sausage made from beans that Pokémon like to eat. 103
Fancy Apple An apple chosen above others. It has spectacular form and a brilliant sheen. 90
Fancy Egg A nutritious cooking ingredient that goes well with all sorts of seasonings. 115
Fiery Herb The fiery taste of this bright red herb will wake anyone right up. 130
Greengrass Soybeans This Greengrass Isle specialty is easy to process into foods that are great for training. 100
Honey A sweet honey collected by Pokémon. 101
Large Leek Whether this is the kind of vegetable stalk that Farfetch’d like is unknown. 185
Moomoo Milk Highly nutritious milk. Pokémon that drink it become full of energy. 98
Pure Oil All-purpose oil that can be used in any type of cuisine. 121
Slowpoke Tail A very tasty tail of something. When it falls off, it grows back quickly. 342
Snoozy Tomato A bright-red tomato. Eat it and you’ll sleep like a baby. 110
Soft Potato Its mellow flavor makes both body and spirit feel warm and fuzzy. 124
Soothing Cacao This cacao bean is time-consuming to process, but its soothing effects make the effort worthwhile. 151
Tasty Mushroom A juicy mushroom with an abundance of umami flavor. 167
Warming Ginger Spicy ginger that warms the body better than any other ingredients. 109
Greengrass Corn This Greengrass Isle specialty can be eaten raw. It’s remarkably sweet. 140

Curries and Stews

Recipe Ingredients
Beanburger Curry Bean Sausage x7
Bulk Up Bean Curry
  • Greengrass Soybeans x12
  • Bean Sausage x6
  • Fiery Herb x4
  • Fancy Egg x4
Dream Eater Butter Curry
  • Soft Potato x18
  • Snoozy Tomato x15
  • Soothing Cacao x12
  • Moomoo Milk x10
Drought Katsu Curry
  • Bean Sausage x10
  • Pure Oil x5
Egg Bomb Curry
  • Honey x12
  • Fancy Apple x11
  • Fancy Egg x8
  • Soft Potato x4
Fancy Apple Curry Fancy Apple x7
Grilled Tail Curry
  • Slowpoke Tail x8
  • Fiery Herb x25
Hearty Cheeseburger Curry
  • Moomoo Milk x8
  • Bean Sausage x8
Melty Omelette Curry
  • Fancy Egg x10
  • Snoozy Tomato x6
Mild Honey Curry Honey x7
Mixed Curry Any combination of ingredients that do not match a recipe
Ninja Curry
  • Greengrass Soybeans x15
  • Bean Sausage x9
  • Large Leek x9
  • Tasty Mushroom x5
Simple Chowder Moomoo Milk x7
Soft Potato Chowder
  • Moomoo Milk x10
  • Soft Potato x8
  • Tasty Mushroom x4
Solar Power Tomato Curry
  • Snoozy Tomato x10
  • Fiery Herb x5
Spicy Leek Curry
  • Large Leek x14
  • Warming Ginger x10
  • Fiery Herb x8
Spore Mushroom Curry
  • Tasty Mushroom x14
  • Soft Potato x9
Inferno Corn Keema Curry
  • Fiery Herb x27
  • Bean Sausage x24
  • Greengrass Corn x14
  • Warming Ginger x12
Limber Corn Stew
  • Greengrass Corn x14
  • Moomoo Milk x8
  • Soft Potato x8

Drinks & Desserts

Recipe Ingredients
Big Malasada
  • Pure Oil x10
  • Moomoo Milk x7
  • Honey x6
Cloud Nine Soy Cake
  • Fancy Egg x8
  • Greengrass Soybeans x7
Craft Soda Pop Honey x9
Ember Ginger Tea
  • Warming Ginger x9
  • Fancy Apple x7
Fancy Apple Juice Fancy Apple x8
Fluffy Sweet Potatoes
  • Soft Potato x9
  • Moomoo Milk x5
Huge Power Soy Donuts
  • Pure Oil x9
  • Greengrass Soybeans x6
  • Soothing Cacao x7
Hustle Protein Smoothie
  • Greengrass Soybeans x15
  • Soothing Cacao x8
Jigglypuff’s Fruity Flan
  • Honey x20
  • Fancy Egg x15
  • Moomoo Milk x10
  • Fancy Apple x10
Lovely Kiss Smoothie
  • Fancy Apple x11
  • Moomoo Milk x9
  • Honey x7
  • Soothing Cacao x8
Mixed Juice Any combination of ingredients that do not match a recipe
Lucky Chant Apple Pie
  • Fancy Apple x12
  • Moomoo Milk x4
Neroli’s Restorative Tea
  • Warming Ginger x11
  • Fancy Apple x15
  • Tasty Mushroom x9
Stalwart Vegetable Juice
  • Snoozy Tomato x9
  • Fancy Apple x7
Steadfast Ginger Cookies
  • Honey x14
  • Warming Ginger x12
  • Soothing Cacao x5
  • Fancy Egg x4
Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake
  • Honey x9
  • Soothing Cacao x8
  • Moomoo Milk x7
Warm Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk x7
Teatime Corn Scones
  • Fancy Apple x20
  • Warming Ginger x20
  • Greengrass Corn x18
  • Moomoo Milk x9
Explosion Popcorn
  • Greengrass Corn x15
  • Pure Oil x14
  • Moomoo Milk x7
Petal Dance Chocolate Tart
  • Soothing Cacao x11
  • Fancy Apple x11
Flower Gift Macarons
  • Soothing Cacao x25
  • Fancy Egg x25
  • Honey x17
  • Moomoo Milk x10


Recipe Ingredients
Bean Ham Salad Bean Sausage x8
Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad
  • Soothing Cacao x14
  • Bean Sausage x9
Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad
  • Fancy Apple x15
  • Moomoo Milk x5
  • Pure Oil x3
Fancy Apple Salad Fancy Apple x8
Gluttony Potato Salad
  • Soft Potato x14
  • Fancy Egg x9
  • Bean Sausage x7
  • Fancy Apple x6
Heat Wave Tofu Salad
  • Greengrass Soybeans x10
  • Fiery Herb x6
Immunity Leek Salad
  • Large Leek x10
  • Warming Ginger x5
Moomoo Caprese Salad
  • Moomoo Milk x12
  • Snoozy Tomato x6
  • Pure Oil x5
Ninja Salad
  • Large Leek x15
  • Greengrass Soybeans x15
  • Tasty Mushroom x12
  • Warming Ginger x11
Overheat Ginger Salad
  • Fiery Herb x17
  • Warming Ginger x10
  • Snoozy Tomato x8
Mixed Salad Any combination of ingredients that do not match a recipe
Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad
  • Slowpoke Tail x10
  • Fiery Herb x10
  • Pure Oil x15
Snoozy Tomato Salad Snoozy Tomato x8
Snow Cloak Caesar Salad
  • Moomoo Milk x10
  • Bean Sausage x6
Spore Mushroom Salad
  • Tasty Mushroom x17
  • Snoozy Tomato x8
  • Pure Oil x8
Superpower Extreme Salad
  • Bean Sausage x9
  • Warming Ginger x6
  • Fancy Egg x5
  • Soft Potato x3
Water Veil Tofu Salad
  • Greengrass Soybeans x10
  • Snoozy Tomato x6
Greengrass Salad
  • Pure Oil x22
  • Greengrass Corn x17
  • Snoozy Tomato x14
  • Soft Potato x9
Calm Mind Fruit Salad
  • Fancy Apple x21
  • Honey x16
  • Greengrass Corn x12
Fury Attack Corn Salad
  • Greengrass Corn x9
  • Pure Oil x8

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