Community Day 2022: A (Speculative) Look Ahead…

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Hello Trainers,

2021 has been a wild ride for Community Day’s for Pokémon Go – there has been highs (Gible!), lows (Swablu, anyone?) and medium’s (Roselia, I’m looking at you). Maybe you think Community Days are running out of ideas but I think there is a lot of life left and plenty of really exciting/viable candidates (some more exciting than others admittedly) even just based on what is currently available in Go.

Obviously all of the below is speculation based on nothing more than previous release history and my own personal hunches so there is absolutely nothing solid here, but if you would like your fancy tickled then by all means read on!

Remember, this is all wild speculation!

The ‘400’ Club

Magikarp and Swablu have had the CD treatment, so why not these guys? 400 candies can be a tall order for new trainers especially with seasonal spawns overcrowding some species into oblivion and once they are out of the egg pool, raid rotation and spawns, how else would you get candies outside of rares and walking?


Yes, it has been around for ages, yes, it has been in every water event ever but there will still be trainers that haven’t been able to evolve it purely due to candy requirements. As a shiny it shifts to the most common for water/blue shinies to a purple.

Potential CD move: Hydro Pump

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 3/10


Once a relatively common windy spawn now pushed into 10km eggs, this little dragon evolves into the fearsome Noivern. Noivern itself needs a move shake up to help it become relevant, it also turns mint green!

Potential CD move: Wing Attack

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 3/10

The Dream Team

If you were to daydream about your ideal Community Day Pokémon, maybe one of these will be in that daydream… *sigh* one day…..


Lets not kid ourselves, who doesn’t want this? Rare even now, this would be an amazing level of hype, beyond Gible level. The chances of this in 2022 are low but not impossible, maybe 2023…

Potential CD move: Outrage

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 3/10


The shiny has already been released and Deino was a headline spawn for Go Fest 2021 so there is a real chance of this happening in 2022. Who doesn’t want the chance for a green three-headed Dragon?

Potential CD move: Outrage

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 9.5/10


Firmly relegated to 12km eggs since release and even then being 1/20 (at best) it is something you are lucky to have more than one of, let alone a good IV. Fingers crossed…

Potential CD move: Sand Tomb

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 3/10


A spawn heavily featured in the Luminous Events X & Y in 2021 but now only seems to exist in 10km eggs, it didn’t exactly set the raiding meta alight but PvP has some relevence (or so I hear).

Potential CD move: Dragon Pulse

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 6/10


Halloween came and went yet again without this but there is always hope for next year. It is near the top in Fire and Ghost counters as a solid pick but what we all want is that bright orange flame Chandelure!

Potential CD move: Astonish

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 6/10

The Almost Sure Things…


Lets face it, the Kalos starters are almost certainly going to feature next year. Chespin and family up first. The moves for the starters have been pretty much since the beginning so there is unlikely to be any surprises here.

Potential CD move: Frenzy Plant

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 10/10


The fire fox is second in the Kalos starter line up and goes an unusual grey/red with purple evolutions, a nice look!

Potential CD move: Blast Burn

Likelihood of having a Community Day 10/10


Shiny Greninja is something a lot of fans are looking to seeing so it would be great to squeeze this in next year.

Potential CD move: Hydro Cannon

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 10/10

Personal favourites

These guys are here as my picks just because I like them, no other reason!


Frankly there aren’t enough Magnemite around in the world and if it is golden then so much the better! Although Magnezone loses a little something, a juicy XL version is a monster which I will proudly wheel out at any opportunity.

Potential CD move: Thunder Shock

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 5/10


This little purple pencil sharpener has eluded me since it’s release, but one day (maybe) it will be mine. Its a gorgeous shiny as well, any boost in moveset rating is just the icing on the cake.

Potential CD move: Stone Edge

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 4/10


I don’t think the shiny sets the world alight and there probably isn’t any CD move can do for it to bring it in from the cold in terms of being used but I just like the Eelektross design, real unusual.

Potential CD move: Discharge

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 3/10


Bidoof! Now a star of its own day and an internet favourite, why not? Apart from all the perfectly valid reasons.

Potential CD move: Whatever it wants!

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 2/10

The Mould Breakers

Having Shinx in November demonstrates that Niantic is willing to consider almost anything for a Community Day, even previously raid/egg exclusives and Pokémon that have their first evolution in an egg are also up for grabs…


Shiny since release and raid bait for shiny hunters, probably wouldn’t be Niantic’s most popular pick but can’t please everyone unfortunately, sorry guys!

Potential CD move: Gear Grind

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 4.5/10


Conkeldurr is a top Fighting Pokémon and the shiny is…. ok but it would be great to have the chance to farm a lot of candies and trade to avoid that hefty evolution cost.

Potential CD move: Superpower

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 6/10


A great league legend. There has been research day already featuring Marill so maybe not something everyone would go mad for but you can’t rule it out.

Potential CD move: Charm

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 4/10


A heavy hitter for ultra league and one of the best Fairy types out there for raiding. Another shiny that has eluded me and not exactly common in eggs (for me anyway) it would be great to see these hanging around everywhere.

Potential CD move: Last Resort

Likelihood of having a Community Day: 4/10

The Reruns

The dreaded rerun. Charmander and Eevee have had two… maybe other previously featured Pokémon could return? Who would you want to see return out of these previously Best In Class, most of these have mega evolutions in the future too so this could be a chance to grab that perfect one or that shundo.

  • Beldum
  • Bagon
  • Machop
  • Treecko
  • Mudkip
  • Torchic
  • Swinub
  • Gastly
  • Dratini
  • Ralts

The Outsiders

Totally throwing caution to the wind, lets rattle through some things that probably/hopefully will never see the light of Community Day –


Just no. That research event was enough, thank you.


Oh please no. Aggron in T3 raids is enough and this is a common enough spawn as it is.


I almost feel that by saying it out loud that I will have caused it to happen. Sorry.


I should stop now. And you thought Feebas was a bad option.


Here because of that awful catch rate. I’m looking at you!


Parting words…

Well there you have it. Some genuinely exciting options and some nightmare ones and a lot in the middle. There are more than likely going to be some surprises, maybe things we haven’t even considered, has your favourite been mentioned or has it already had its day? Let us know in the comments!





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