Vivillon: The Next Collector’s Challenge (Speculation)

An interesting data mine has been discovered by the Pokéminers regarding the “Scale Pokémon”, Vivillon #666. Pronounced “Viv-ee-Yon”, this Pokémon has a unique feature that is seen in the standard games and Pokémon anime series.

There are 20 unique wing patterns that a Vivillon can have based on the region of origin. Details regarding how you can find all the different wing patterns have been mined, so let’s speculate!

Vivillon BugFlying

The data mine says that you will use the Postcard feature in the game to obtain all the forms of Vivillon, by collecting postcards from different regions that correspond to a specific wing pattern. For example, you would collect postcards from “tundra” regions to gain access to the tundra wing pattern.

How hard or easy this will be is still up in the air, but regardless this will be a real challenge for the living shiny Pokédex collectors. Do you hope that this is more of a challenge to obtain all 20 patterns, or do you want it to be relatively low effort? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Vivillon Wing Patterns
Archipelago High Plains Modern River
Continental Icy Snow Monsoon Sandstorm
Elegant Jungle Ocean Savanna
Fancy Marine Pokéball Sun
Garden Meadow Polar Tundra

Currently, the postcard function of the game is purely aesthetic and nostalgic. This would provide an incentive to use the function in game and provide a rather fun reward. This could also boost online connectivity again to gain access to specific regions for postcard accrual.

The Vivillon wing patterns are quite beautiful and provide a certain draw to collect them all, and this could be a very popular feature. Are you excited for the added functionality of the postcard system or does this seem like too much?

In addition to the added postcard functionality, there are reports of an added mass deletion function to facilitate postcard organization. This is a welcome addition as it is currently cumbersome to delete a postcard. This would also be the perfect time for them to activate the hidden feature to buy more postcard storage.

Currently you can only store 300 postcards, although not too many will be happy about the prospect of spending more money on storage features.

There is also evidence in the data mine that shows a new map specifically for Vivillon collection tracking as well as a new badge. Finally, there is also miscellaneous text that indicates Vivillon specific research tasks.

So far, the information that’s been provided seems to be pretty straightforward. While we won’t know if any of this is true until it is released, it’s a pretty safe bet. The only thing we don’t know are the specifics regarding the above information, like how many postcards you have to collect in order to unlock a wing pattern.

Let’s speculate a little bit about how these wing patterns will be obtained.

It is unclear how you will obtain the specific wing patterns after you unlock them by using the postcard function. There are a few ways we envision this happening.

  • The first is that you will have to evolve it from its pre-evolution, and it will be a random chance from the pool of forms you have unlocked.
  • The second is that you will have to obtain it from research tasks that will result in a random wing pattern that you have unlocked.
  • The third is that the option will appear as an evolution option once the wing pattern is unlocked.
  • The fourth way could be a function with the postcards themselves, acting as evolution stones or activating a regional effect by “using” or “activating” postcards from the postcard book.

Which way do you think is more likely? Do you have any other theories? Let’s chat in the comments.

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I am an environmental scientist from Sacramento, CA. I was given my first Charmander Pokemon card by a friend in the 4th grade in 1999 and was hooked ever since. I was ranked Ace trainer in season 1 of Silph League's world rankings for PvP.

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